Dear Miss,

They say good men nowadays don’t exist. Truth be told, good men still exist. God clearly knows the heart of a human being inclines to evil, but still knows that you can make a choice to be the last man standing, and be counted as faithful.

Look closely, BOAZ and BOZO may look alike but they are not ALIKE.


1. A Bozo will drain you, a Boaz will build you.

2.  A Boaz will have his mind and strength towards you, a Bozo will make you change your direction and cause a premature death to God’s plan for your life.

3.  A Boaz will complement you. Your differences will be celebrated and those that add no value will be shed off. In Ruth 2:1, 4, the Bible describes Boaz as a man who was worthy and he believed in the Lord.

A Bozo, will compete with you.

4.  A Boaz will be a man of unquestionable character. He is of good reputation and he is not afraid of you finding out more about him.

5. A Boaz is a man of integrity. He does not WALK in the counsel of the wicked. He does not STAND in the way of sinners, he does not SIT in the seat of mockers. His delight is always in Lord.

6. A Boaz is therefore fruitful in his ways. Both in season and out of season, he continues to flourish. This is because he leans on the unending source of joy, he leans on the Lord.

7.  A Bozo will believe that he can do it on his own, with no regards to authority .He is wicked and unbecoming. Nabal was such a man.

8.  A Bozo will sleep with you at whichever instance if you cannot respect yourself. He will have no regards of your boundaries if you have no regards to them too. A Boaz will protect you.

A Boaz will protect your purity till the right time. He is a master of his own emotions and feelings.

9. A Boaz will be a provider to his family, and support their needs, just like the way Boaz took care of Ruth, while Bozo is an irresponsible, immature man with his priorities upside down.

Being a provider is not about having cars, and lots of money and a house. It’s knowing that under your leadership, and under your care, your family will thrive.

10. A Boaz will study you, take note of your inward beauty as much as you are beautiful on the outside. He will notice that inner beauty that doesn’t fade because the outward one does.

A Boaz will keep complementing you for your good qualities, and seek to understand you. He will work to make you the happiest woman alive. He will cleave to you.

11.  A Bozo will not even notice when you have saved him from a predicament. Nabal did not notice that his wife Abigail wasn’t there when she went to ask David to spare their life.

12. A Bozo is self-centered and selfish.

13.  A Boaz will always be helpful, and compassionate. He cannot mistreat his wife, he cannot mistreat others.
A Bozo will always be critical, intolerant, corrupt, harmful, vicious, materialistic and egocentric.

14.  A Bozo’s life is always dry. He has to use corrupt means to flourish.

13.  A Bozo is a man whose is largely controlled by his self will. He cannot control himself. He gets really pissed off when things don’t go his way. It’s either his way or no way. 

So do ask your self miss, who does your “hubby to be” listen to more often? Who gives him counsel? Which company does he walk with? Where do you find him mostly?

14.  A Boaz can rise above any failure or disappointments that happen in this life. It’s not that he’s perfect, but authentic enough to admit his failures and willingness to adjust himself to be better.

15.  A Bozo is really rigid, with an unteachable spirit. He cannot learn, he cannot be corrected.

A Boaz is a humble man, meek, willing to be corrected, willing to learn.

Ladies, godly men exist. Develop yourself, enrich yourself, be the best you can be, pray to God for discernment, court wisdom, and our Lord, being a generous God, will fill you, and help you not to get trapped by a look alike Boaz_yet all along, he has been a BOZO!



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We are John and Mary Munene and we…