The valley of Sorek.

In Proverbs 7:7, the man who lacked understanding traipsed along the paths of the strange woman. His footsteps led him to death.

David was lounging at the wrong place at the wrong time when his eyes strayed and found himself in a sinful pursuit of Bathsheba.The same is also true of Samson’s lurid relationship with Delilah.

They were all in the valley of Sorek.
Sorek was a place where grapes were grown in large quantities, then later processed into wine. It was a fertile place. Enticing.

As a Nazirite, Samson was forbidden to eat any grapes nor drink any wine. Samson was not to go there, yet he does, after compelling his parents to find him a non-Israelite wife.

Samson’s first mistake, was of disobedience.That set him down on the path to Sorek.
In the Valley of Sorek, he met Delilah, la femme fatale. His attraction to her beauty purged his vision, derailed his destiny and brought a premature death to him.

You will only find Delilah in the valley of Sorek. A place where sin, lust, self indulgence, pleasure and untimely death can all co-mingle.

The path down the into the Valley of Sorek is through unchecked emotions and lack of self-control.”Get her for me”, Samson yelled at his parents when they resisted his advances to a Philistine woman.

His carnality overshadowed the anointing that was over his life. He won many outward battles, but failed to capture the battle within him. His weaknesses rode on the stallion of disobedience, never able to nail his flesh to the Cross and constantly embroiled in some superficial ‘war’.

The valley of Sorek has held many captive.

-Sorek is that place where the destiny killers linger.

-Sorek is that place where the anointing of the Lord is syphoned, where the great are brought to naught and where the devil seals the ultimate deal over our souls.

-Sorek is that rope that dangles before us as pleasure, yet pulls us back to what we once turned away from.

– Sorek is that lonely place, where your heart knows no boundaries and you lack personal accountability.

-Sorek is that sin that muzzles the voice of the HolySpirit, constantly outdoing us, ongoing, perpetual to a point that it feels normal.

-Sorek is that place that knows no God.-

-Sorek is that force that our flesh submits to, making stunted in our spiritual growth.

Sorek is a place of death.

Sensory over-load, hyper-emotional decisions, and outward success unmatched by inner strength constitutes a recipe for tragic headlines.

Satan will gladly allow enough outward victory to cause you to let your guard down. He will gladly lose a million battles if he can win the ‘war’.

So in the midst of outward battles and triumphs, let’s remember that our appetites and emotion are the real deal.

Pray for the Cross to be securely planted in the center of both…then believe God for inner victory in the ‘real war’.
Do not walk down the Valley of Sorek.



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We are John and Mary Munene and we…