The first time I saw him, my earlobes turned red hot, my heart throbbed and my feet wobbled even though I had sat firmly on the wooden library seat.I definitely loved what I saw. He was simply my goo goo-gagaga type of a man. I was enamoured by his beauty, and continues to.

Let’s not over spiritualize attraction.
It’s as right as the verbatim in Genesis 1:31
God saw everything that He had made, and behold, it was very good and He validated it completely.”
I saw the brother that God made, and he was my kind a recipe! Totally swoon.

Christian sexuality has this way of making it seem that one shouldn’t be attracted to each other at first. That character should carry the day even when you cannot stand the smelly armpits, unkempt beards or the weave on her hair.

While i concur on character, a hundred percent, God knew that Eros too is a great ingredient in marriage and works for a marriage. It’s essential, and adds to the essence of marriage.
Attraction is godly too. We should be careful to be dismissive about it.

Our initial attraction may have little to do with the person’s character or competency, but rather emerges simply from liking the way he or she looks. 
This is only logical, because physical appearance is the first thing we notice, and it takes a while longer to get to know someone’s character.

We look across a room and see someone who is physically appealing. It ought to go without saying, but it doesn’t, so I’ll say it: There is nothing wrong with this process of being physically attracted to someone. It’s completely natural. In fact, the Song of Songs 1:2 begins this way: “Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth! For your love is better than wine.”

The Shunnamite woman in the Song saw Solomon, and she liked what she saw. She wanted him to kiss her, and just looking at him made her swoon too. He was what we might call “eye candy.”

Over and over, in fact, the Bible doesn’t just describe physical attraction between the sexes; it sanctions it.
From Adam’s love-at-first-sight song about Eve in Genesis 2 to Jacob’s immediate attraction to Rachel in Genesis 29, where verse 17 tells us she was “beautiful in form and appearance,” we do not see the Scriptures opposed to physical attraction.

God’s wisdom and God’s design for romance is more than physical attraction, but it’s not less than that. Nor is it even something we are advised to outgrow.
Even as your love for your spouse deepens and takes on the character of more thorough knowledge of your spouse’s weaknesses, flaws, wounds, and sins, the instruction to pursue physical attraction throughout the years remains.

Thus, the father advises his young son in Proverbs 5:19 about his wife: “Let her breasts fill  you at all times with delight; be intoxicated always in her love.” Note the word “always.” Not sometimes, not when she’s all dubbed up with make-up, always.

We will always be physically attracted to what  we consider beautiful. Our tastes and interests might vary, but the instinct itself is fairly common across the billions of human beings in the world: we are attracted to those we find possessing beauty.

Beauty is that particular combination of qualities that especially pleases the sight. It is, as the saying goes, “in the eye of the beholder.” Men find beautiful a woman’s particular shape  (curvy or thin, according to taste) or style of hair or dress, and women may find beautiful a man’s particular posture, gait or physique (toned or burly).

The fact that we all tend to have different tastes when it comes to physical attraction proves how creative and versatile our Creator’s artistry truly is.
And the fact that we all tend to find somebody physically attractive proves how brilliantly our Creator has embedded in us the very appreciation of beauty.

More deeper is the appreciation of glory, of which His own, is the pinnacle. This is a good and right thing.

But according to the same Word of God that sanctions physical attraction, we must be very careful with the word ATTRACTION.
… Why, because it’s highly soluble…



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We are John and Mary Munene and we…