If you are assuming that his money is your money, or her money is your money, without discussing this, then you might be in for a rude awakening.
Finances or financial transparency in marriage cannot be understated or overemphasized.
It’s good, wise and prudent of you to know each others stand when the “M” word Is mentioned.
Don’t assume that he will automatically show you his payslip or more – open his bank account to you.
Don’t assume that she will agree to foot some bills. Probably she thinks hers is hers alone. So talk about money. Talk about finances and how you will both handle it in future. As you talk about it, know if they are in debt.
You see, if you are in debt, it’s either you are handling a project that requires you to finance it via a loan or you are very poor at planning your finances. It means that you struggle to live within your means, and borrowing is an easier option for you to sustain a certain status quo.
Dears, when single, try living within your means to avoid transferring liabilities to your future spouse, unless it’s inevitable. Talk about your investment ideas. You will not always be on the same page. For instance, we were not on the same page when it came to investment ideas.
When it comes to finances, we are quite parallel.
My hubby is more of a risk taker than I am. He prefers to jump in, I on the other hand trend carefully and weigh a lot of options before committing.
So imagine the tug. I pull this side, he pulls the opposite side. Well, we agreed to support each other no matter the cost, and also to listen to each other more instead of being too self-centered.
We have learnt to submit to each other and are still learning. Our strengths are equally needed for our marriage to work. Otherwise if he’s too cautious, or we are both too cautious, we might miss out on opportunities.
Then if we are both risk takers, we might incur huge losses if business goes bad.
There has to be a balance.
Learn financial discipline, and talk about it.
Ask each other:
How do you feel about being financially transparent?
Are you a spendthrift or a miser?
What do you think about footing the bills together?
Do you have any debt?
Do you plan for your financial obligations or do you simply jump in?
Do you tend to overspend?
What do you think about having some savings?
Could we save in a joint account?
What do you think about tithing? What is the meaning of tithing to you and how important is it?
Should we have credit cards, and when should we use them?
How will we finance big projects?
How will we be helping our parents financially?
Do we need a miscellaneous account?
What would you like to invest in? Or what is your investment plan?
Should we report to each other about the day to day spending if above a certain amount?
Will a family budget work for us?

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We are John and Mary Munene and we…