DAY 2.
…That He will say NO…HAVE ZERO chills to sin…HAVE NIL tolerance to anything that is not of God!
Psalm 54:4
Surely God is my help; the Lord is the one who sustains me.
James 4:7
Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.
The Bible tells us that as we pray, we need to “pray with understanding.”
There is one tradition that we have with my hubby. Wherever anyone makes a move on me or him, we tell each other.
By a move I mean, any man who hits on me or a lady who hits on my hubby! Whether on the streets, in our workplaces, in a restaurant, anywhere.
Don’t be fooled that a casual flirt boosts your marriage. It doesn’t.
It opens you up to emotional infidelity.
Don’t be fooled that you can resist by your own strength. No you can’t!
These flesh need discipline and accountability especially to your spouse.
It happens! Funny enough it does and it is sad too!
Why we established that ground rule from the word go, was to seal any loopholes that familiarity can create, especially from the opposite sex.
No one is immune to temptation. It comes, It presents itself, more importantly it is always packaged so colorfully!
In a world where a third wheel is “okay”, a side plate, dish saucer, pan or whatever it is, is “okay”, having a “sponsor” , being a “sponsoree”, being a “sponsette” is “okey”…it takes GOD TO BE DIFFERENT!
Pray for your man to wage war, and be a man of valor!
As I said, being okay, is not what men of God should camp at, or being “normal”.
Normal is super cliche!
Normal is not what our husbands or your husband to be should be!
Tell the Lord, you want an extraordinary husband! An extraordinary marriage!
Blessed is the lady or man who doesn’t succumb but says NO!
Just because your man is saved doesn’t mean that the devil cannot approach him in the most alluring ways.
In fact, it is a motivation. Just to test your marriage.
Just to test your loyalty to your vows.
She comes, and says “Your wife doesn’t understand you,i do.”
He says, ” Your husabnd doesn’t care, or doesn’t spoil you, I can.”
Today, I want us to pray for our husbands, to have the will and the drive to say NO!
No to madam Delilahs’.
No to the she Jezebels’!
NO to the 3G/4G women who come to derail our marriage.
No to every strange woman!
Pray that your husband will be like Joseph, and run from any sin or appearance of it.
To be like Boaz, to always care for only you.
To be like Daniel, who purposed in his heart not to sin against the Lord.
To be like Stephen and preach the word of the Lord unreservedly.
To be like Jesus, the epitome of manhood, who said, “Devil, it is written” , and did not succumb to sin.
Pray that God will sustain him and give him self control, whether he is near or far from you.
Command every part of his body to yield to you alone in JESUS NAME!
That his desire will be to you alone, second to Christ! And that he will wage war with the flesh and win over it, because greater is HE that is in him than he that’s in the world!
Mrs.! Miss! it is not the time to sit on your laurels and say “it is okay”! “all men cheat so it’s okay! ”
Please, are you agreeing with the devil? Are you making a tea party and dining with him?…REFUSE IN JESUS NAME!
Mrs. Are you seriously decreeing death to your marriage?
Speak life, fidelity and chastity in your marriage!
Declare and decree that your marriage bed will only have the two of you to enjoy!
What is okay? Cheating? No! it is not okay!
Contrary to the school of thought in the world, there are men who are remnants, and your man should be one of them!
Not all men cheat sister! Stop being sucked up into the void of what is not the truth or right!
Quit being a sucker of bad reports!
Declare and decree to your husband and your future husband will never cheat!
“Mr.! You shall be subject to God!”
“You shall be counted faithful.”
“You shall be a man of valor!” in Jesus name!
Sister, get praying.
Quit grumbling, murmuring, snooping, or stalking your husband.
If you know or knew the power of prayers, your would know how much power you wield on your knees!
Lord Jesus, this day I bring my husband to your throne of mercy!
Once again, I pray that your blood will make me righteous oh Lord, that my prayer and request will be as a sweet aroma to you.
Lord just as you were faithful to do your Father’s will, I pray that my husband be faithful to will to do your will Lord.
It is you who gives us the will to desire and to do your word.
Father, give him the strength to say No to the decorated allures of the world!
Help him wage war with the flesh and all temptations and win!
Lord Jesus, you were a man, tempted and won. You have told us in your word that there’s no temptation that would overcome us because you will give us the grace to win.
Help him say No! No! to whichever temptations the world brings! Lord give him a heart of war!
Make him a man of valor after your own heart! A man of character! A man like you Jesus.
That he will be a mighty in the land.
That he will conquer every sexual sin! That he will maintain self control wherever he goes!
Only you Lord can do it for me! I bring my husband at your feet. Mold him. I cannot be able to!
The world has facts, you have the truth, and yours is absolute Lord! I choose to listen to you.
Make every part of him desire only me!
May his lips desire mine!
His body yearn for only me!
His hands miss only my touch!
May he see me, and see love!
May my smell draw him always to me!
Make me attractive to him Lord.
My makeup won’t do. My lipstick won’t do, my cologne won’t do, but you can.
I subject him unto you Jesus. Make him a faithful and loyal man to me.
Devil in Jesus name! You have no power over my husband. He is faithful! He’s gentle. He is kind. He will not cheat! He will win in Jesus mighty name!
You are not welcome in my house! Get out in Jesus mighty name!
Lord Jesus take your seat. You are our God.
Give him the strength that only you can Lord.
In Jesus name Amen!
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We are John and Mary Munene and we…