DAY 4.
I like using my life as an example because the Lord has taught me a lot in my marriage.
My husband’s work is not what I can term normal and that makes our marriage not as “normal” per say.
I really don’t mind, because through that, God has taught me much. I was forced to grow faster than I anticipated.
Most army wives battle with loneliness that extend for a long period of time, and with that most of them are never happy with their husband’s jobs.
The long nights, the missed Christmas, the missed birthdays’ compounded with the daily stress of having to always worry when they are away, isn’t so sweet.
While the grace is always sufficient, it’s not easy.
The tongue has power, power to bless and the power to curse.
A wife’s tongue can have the poison of asps or be a well of fortune and satisfaction for the husband.
We need to start praying for our husbands jobs.
They work really hard, and it doesn’t make it easier if he comes home to find a grumpy calloused wife who cannot give him a shoulder to lean on.
We have the… PERFECT LIPSTICK, say our vows PERFECTLY, but our lips are IMPERFECT.
Let the Lord touch your tongue with coals of fire that you can speak blessings to the work that your husband does.
Confess favor to your husband, confess victory into his life!
Confess every blessing to him before he leaves for work.
You need not even pray for yourself. Pray for your husband. That he will be blessed, and in turn be blessing to the rest and to your family.
My Personal Prayer,
Lord Jesus, I come to you on behalf of my husband. I thank you for this day. I thank you for giving us another day to rejoice and be glad in it.
I thank you for giving him the will to follow you Jesus. I thank you for leading him as he follows you.
Lord I know that many times I have fallen short of praying for blessings to my husband.
My selfishness and pride have come in between the right confession I am supposed to make for my husband. Forgive me Lord.
Touch my lips with hot coals from your throne, that I may speak blessings to him and his work.
God, I pray that you give him strength in all his endeavors, and bless the work of his hands that it will bring forth fruits.
Give him perseverance and forbearance.
May he be the head and not the tail. May he be above and not beneath.
May whatever he touches be blessed.
May he posses wherever his feet step. Give him favor at his workplace. Protect him from all harm.
Walk with him Lord Jesus.
May he experience the blessings that come from being a hardworking person.
Give him grace as he works Lord Jesus. Give him wisdom to deal with all situations that may be unpleasant to him.
Overwhelm him with abundant blessings Lord.
Devil you shall not make me complain. I refuse to be grumpy in Jesus name!
I refuse to be allow the spirit of heaviness to settle in my house in Jesus name! I speak life and joy in my marriage in Jesus name.
As you bless him, help me to be of help to him, to further his vision for us.
Help me to be a loving wife to him. Help me support him through it all.
May I find your peace in all that he undertakes to do. May I be a loving wife to him.
In Jesus Name I pray. Amen.
#marriageworks #Godspeed

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We are John and Mary Munene and we…