DAY 5:
Mam always prayed for dad with passion and zeal, and taught me to pray for my husband with the same seriousness.
She told me, “Call the fire of the Holy-ghost to consume anyone and anything foreign that tries to divide your family! ”
I know for sure, God answered her for dad found satisfaction in her for the 33 years of marriage they had before the Lord took him.
#Proverbs 5:18-19
Let your fountain be blessed, and rejoice in the wife of your youth, a lovely deer, a graceful doe. Let her breasts fill you at all times with delight;be intoxicated always in her love.
It is one of my favorite lines to tell to God!
That my husband would have eyes for me alone, miss me and find his delight in me alone.
Trust me, God is able to hear and do it in more ways than you can imagine! It’s not a selfish prayer, but a personal prayer.
Let’s not make the word of the Lord prudish because it’s not when it comes to physical intimacy.
Christians make it seem like intimacy to God is a surprise!
It’s not!
We confine intimacy in a box, make it seem that God only wants it to happen when we want a baby around!
Hallo! He made it to be a beautiful union between husband and wife. To be enjoyed and bond each other in ways that a movie, coffee, or gifts can never.
He knows that sex knits a husband and wife together.
So why not pray.
Why wouldn’t you pray that the Lord will give you new ways to please your husband?
Why wouldn’t you pray that God will teach you how to dress up and dress down too for your Mr?
Again, this is in marriage.
Please don’t pray for God to teach you how to please your boyfriend.
Boyfriend no!
He won’t.! You are in it alone!
Trust me, He is a God full of surprises!
Ask the Lord to show you how to be super pleasing to your husband.
He might even reveal to you a combination of scents that he would looooooveeeee!
That’s the God I serve.
My marriage details, he sorts out.
Pray that the Lord with glue you two with immense intimacy and infuse you two into each other!
Lord Jesus, I thank you for this day. Once again am at your feet daddy.
Thank you for our marriage bed.
Thank you for making it beautiful.
I pray for my husband.
You have commanded him in your word to love me and given him the favor to be with me.
So Lord, today I pray that you will protect him by the blood of Jesus Christ!
May he be strong enough to resist the enemy!
I pray that his eyes would be mine alone.
His desire would only be mine, second to you.
Devil in Jesus name! You shall not find my husband. He is in the Lord.
I come against every evil eye, every temptation lurking around, any strange woman, in Jesus name you shall not derail my marriage.
You shall not derail my husband!
You shall not derail my marriage!
I hide him in the blood of Jesus Christ!
Anything counterfeit, anyone coming as an angel of light, back off in Jesus name!
Fire of the Holy-ghost consume ever chaff that the enemy might have planted in our marriage.
I seal every loophole of the enemy by the blood of Jesus Christ!
I pray that you will continue to bond us with each other Jesus.
Give me new ways to please him.
Rejuvenate me when I feel weary.
Help me to always put our intimacy first.
I pray that I will be his muse and love.
Forgive me for giving shady excuses at times.
Am sorry for the times I have been selfish.
Protect him from the standards of the world. Lord may you be his ceiling.
I pray that he will find delight in me.
I pray that you will help us to always have fun in our marriage.
Laugh and find peace in each others arms.
I pray that I will be a place of peace for my husband.
I pray that I will be a place of comfort.
I pray that he will feel loved and cared for in my arms.
So Lord teach me.
Teach me how to talk to him.
Teach me how to dance for him.
Teach me how to sing for him.
Teach me what to wear for him.
Show me the scent to use for him.
Those tiny details Lord, teach me.
Lord I trust you with my life.
Take the center stage in my marriage .
May he be satisfied with me Lord.
May he be protected from outside influences in Jesus name!
In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen!
#marriageworks #Godspeed

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We are John and Mary Munene and we…