Day one. . . and the journey seemed unending.

The wind gusting through her silk hair, aching back from propping herself for miles, sore eyes due the dust, sweaty body from the scorching sun, probably sunburnt or frostbit. What am sure about, is Rebecca’s exhaustion.

The distance between Hebron and Negeb was about 800 km. On a camel’s back, she had about 4 to 5 days to go.
I can only magine her then.

Well, let me talk about myself. I don’t know how I would feel being on a camels back for 5 days straight on, surrounded by strangers, “narrating” to me stories about their master Abraham, and the son Isaac, whom i would soon be married to.

I am sure that I would have never left home, unless, of of course, with a level of certainity about my future.

How certain was she that indeed this was a true man of God?
How certain was she about this “so called servant”, Eliezer and the entourage, upon whom were trusted with this crucial mission?
How certain was she about Issac? Was he really a man covenanted to God?

What amazes me about Rebecca was her FAITH IN HER LORD.

I don’t think she was certain either. Like any other human being, she had peculiar if not common questions, but her faith in the Lord, was the show stopper.

She wasn’t certain about Issac, nor the marriage to be, but she was certain in her faith.
She was certain that the Lord who has began, will sustain her through it all.

Probably some stories Eliezer told her as they journeyed on kept her wide awake at night or some, threw her on the horns of dilllemma about her choice, but either way, she didn’t fret.

Her faith blows hard out on me.

Her journey from her motherland, to Negeb, was the journey of faith and not certainty.

I personally grapple with insecurities and “what ifs” when uncertain about a path am in.
Am not always excited doing things “blindly” in faith- yet it’s the path to receive what’s not seen.

Given a choice, humanly speaking, I would rather be in my comfortable space of certainties over all.
I prefer being in control, than relegating that position to someone who knows it all_the Omniscient. How paradoxical!

Unfortunately, that’s not in the economy of God. He doesn’t deal with us with the coin of certainty in the stead of faith.
His trade, since the ancient history, when the earth took in His first breath, has been that of faith.

Abraham’s faith in God, even in the face of uncertainty, with his low libido, having grown old with Serah, an old wife with no sexual excitement, believed unquestionably in the Almighty. That even with his body as though he was.dead, [Hebrews 11:12], God jostled them back into passionate endeavors, and they begot Issac.

It was with with an inherent trust and enduring confidence in the power, wisdom and goodness of God, that made Rebecca move.

Marriage is therefore, a journey of faith and not certainty.

It’s good, but more than that, prudent before being vowed to another for life, to remember that the journey that begins from the altar is not only for our merriment, but of utter faith in the Lord, the one who began it.

It’s unwise to think that our knowledge would save us when the foundations are shaken. It’s folly to think that the feelings we have towards our beloved, would hold out against the turmultous tides of life.

It’s only by having faith in the Lord, that will keep us running aground when the whirlwinds threaten to stall us at the shores of apathy and discontentment.


See, the world has rewired us to want everything now, and get now. It tells us not to trust in the process, much more the process of growth. No wonder many don’t believe that indeed faith works, especially in marriage.

However, for all it’s worth, marriage, should be received from the point of faith, not luck, not a gamble, not a contract, not a trial and error, but faith.

Faith is the assurance of things divinely guaranteed and the conviction of their reality.
Faith comprehends as fact what cannot be experienced by the physical senses. [Hebrews 11:1]

Any ‘sane’ person would have called Rebecca’s stand a bluff – but it wasn’t.
She moved, with an unwavering conviction, knowing that she had the Lord’s backing.

Question is, are you sure that your relationship has the Lord’s backing?
Are you steadfast that it’s His will and not your personal pursuit?
Are you ready to stand steadfast in your faith through all seasons marriage may present?

The journey might not be easy, but that doesn’t mean that it’s without it’s ease.
Marriage from the beginning was not just for our happiness, but more so, for our pruning and growth.
Growth isn’t always great a process. There is a lot shedding, and pruning to do if we are to be prolific blommers.

That’s what God aims for. To be breathtaking blommers.
That our lives will outlive the marriage institution.
That our lives will outlast the tag, “married.”

For this to happen, we need to know that the journey, and the words,”I will go” that go by it, will be nothing be short of faith.

Marriage doesn’t guarantee happiness, though we pray and work for it.
Marriage doesn’t guarantee children, though they are promised to us as gifts.
Marriage doesn’t guarantee a life void of loneliness. So many are married but alone.

All earthly pursuits cannot guarantee a happy marriage… but great comfort is in them that began on the right foundation.

Knowing that the goal isn’t to be a good wife or a good husband, the goal is to conform to the image of Christ every day by constantly working out our salvation in reverence to God and to each other.
That draws us closer to happiness than working so hard to be a perfect spouse.

By all means, our goodness runs on a limited version.

But when our focus moves from being subjective to being objective, faith checks in.
We live, move, breathe, and have our being in Him, knowing that marriage is less and less of us, everyday, and more of the Lord.

For that to happen, our hearts and minds should know that marriage is not a journey of certainties, it has NEVER been, but of UNBRIDLED, UNINHIBITED, UNQUESTIONABLE FAITH in the Lord of the marriage.



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We are John and Mary Munene and we…