I have read the story of Rebecca and Isaac is Genesis 24 a couple of times. Over and over, the Lord has presented something new in my spirit, but this time round it was different. The Lord opened my eyes to something greater than just a love story between Rebecca and Isaac. It’s a story of God ordering the steps of the righteous – [Psalm 37:23]– in finding a spouse.

There is something beautiful about letting God have His way in every season of our lives. There is everything beautiful in being impudent especially in matters of our Faith in Christ and the conviction we carry.

He doesn’t want us pursuing the pulsing power nor voices that seek to draw us away from Him. His hand is readily available to guide our way in through the treacherous paths of our lives.

You and I know that more often than not, our paths never lead us to anything but pain, despair and heartache. We are never truly free apart from God. We are never truly whole apart from Christ. We are never fulfilled apart from Christ.

Dating and courtship can never blossom to a beautiful tree of marriage without Christ. We are way too selfish to give without having our own selfish interests tucked in. If it works out fine, we continue to pursue each other, if it exposes wrong our motives, or forces us to grow out of our comfort zones, we quickly abandon the mission – after all, we do not “feel the flutters again.”

The Bible says that the steps of a righteous man are ordered of the Lord. [Psalm 37:23].

This was the case of Isaacs’s marriage to Rebecca.

Abraham was well advanced in his age. As custom would well dictate, fathers were at the fore front of finding wives for their sons. Well, his advanced age affected his mobility and he was mourning his wife Sarah too. She had passed away. It was a hard time for him and certainly for his son Isaac, for he too loved his mother deeply.

Abraham said to the oldest servant of his house, who ruled over all that he had, and said “Please, put your hand under my thigh, and I will make you swearby the Lord, the God of heaven and the God of the earth, that you will not take a wife for my son from the daughters of the Canaanites, among whom I dwell”Genesis 24:3

Genesis 24 gives us beautiful lessons that we can all draw from especially in the season of singleness.

The Bible doesn’t have specific details about ‘what’ we should do or not do during our marriage preparation, but it carries life lessons about living in the very ways that make you the right person for marriage, to please and glorify Him and still cause us to enjoy the very pleasures he has set at his right hand – [Psalm 16:11]. Marriage included.

Dating is not the kind of word you would find anywhere in the Bible. However, Genesis 24 gives us Godly wisdom that one could glean from as a single person waiting on for marriage.

It is worth to remember that marriage is good. All that God gifts us is good.

It is a God made creation, and from the beginning, [Genesis 2:18], it was His idea. It is not a societal accessory, nor a mere convenience for them who cannot seem to pursue any other thing in life –more so our careers or education.

It is not as cheap as the world as put it, it’s not a label, it’s not an achievement. Marriage is a pure calling, gifted to us by God. It is not meant to make us simply have a status on paper, but it’s a vehicle from the Lord, through our spouses, uses to chisel us for His own glory.

The only achievement that one would boast in marriage, would be hold onto your spouse when they are least deserving, unlovable and unwanted. To carry each other though the seasons of life with an unwavering love towards each other, to give to each other when the world tells you to take.

The only achievement one would boast of is having known the Lord more through the lessons that you would both have to laern.

The only achievement to boast for, would be a race finaly won when one of you or both of you have been called home, having run the race till death does you part, holding fast onto your baton of commitment and your vows – for better or for worse.

How beautiful it will be to behold each other face to face in the eyes of our Saviour as He wipes the painful tears away and heavenly kisses sooth every painful past away.

“We made it!”

Presenting each other spotless before the face our Lord.

If you aren’t ready to be sanctified, then do not pursue marriage.

My focus isn’t on the “how’s” but on the process that God puts us through as we wait on for the Lord’s guidance to lead us to our spouse.

He never misses!

Genesis 24.




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We are John and Mary Munene and we…