Genesis 24:21

Without saying a word, the man watched her closely to learn whether or not the Lord had made his journey successful.

Technology has made the world a tiny global village. We can access everything from the comfort of our pouches and couches with single click. It doesn’t take much effort to order anything and have it delivered within a couple of minutes or a few days. Yet, this supposedly good thing has created another undertow.

A generation that wants everything now.

Instant coffee, instant results, instant gratification, A noodle type of generation. Dip it in steaming water for a couple of minutes, add a little salt and seasoning and voila! We have a snack. Yet we all know noodles aren’t healthy in the long run.

A healthy meal requires a lot of thought and adequate preparation.

Genesis 24:21 paints a very peculiar picture to me, yet with a richness that I cannot seem to ignore or set at naught. God indeed was in every step of the soon to be Isaacs’s and Rebekah’s marriage.

Rebekah… came out with her pitcher on her shoulder: [Genesis 24:15]. The servant, Eliezer, did not yet know the prayer was answered; only time would prove it.

Eliezer did not jump into a hasty conclusion because Rebekah was a beautiful being to behold. The mission was set clear – a wife from the Lord. So, he ran to her and made his request known to have some water to drink for himself and his camels – then ‘paused’ to see if indeed the Lord’s hand in it. In actual sense, I presume he kept quiet for a while, watched her, while waiting for the HolySpirit to bear witness within himself.

Unfortunately, the world has had us running, or better yet sitting at the edges of our seats, set and ready to take off. We hardly slow down to receive from the Lord regarding our daily steps. We are addicted to Google, at least it’s the instant friend, offering us ‘advice’ on parenting, relationships, marriage, sex, careers, even with its limitations, we seem to trust it more than trusting our Lord’s guide.

The Bible says in Proverbs 20:27The spirit of a man is the lamp of the LORD, searching out his inmost being. Other translations say the mind and conscience.

How many men will behold a beautiful woman and retreat back to listen from the Lord?

I wonder how many ladies would hold their peace and calm when approached, hold back their emotions and simply wait on for the Lord to speak deep into the wells of their hearts, without building castles in the air after the 20 minutes’ conversation.

I wonder how many more would let the “hot guy” slip away simply because the Lord said No.

I wonder how many of us would obey fully without contending with the Spirit of the lord.

Silence is the customary attitude for the soul in either expecting or receiving a divine communication from the Lord. Remember how the Lord keeps telling us to be still and wait on him?

Job 32:8 says But there is a spirit in man: and the inspiration of the Almighty giveth them understanding.

As he watched her intently, her beauty notwithstanding, her character glowed more through her grimy and sweaty face.

She was the perfect embodiment of a virtuous woman. The perfect fit for Isaac. Not only was she graced with a calm, benevolent and gentle spirit, but her generous piety showed when she offered to let her pitcher down into the well for Eliezer and his 10 camels to drink!

It was not an easy task considering that a camel can take up to 90 liters of water. Can you imagine the hard work she did? What was running in her mind.

I think I know her attitude from the scriptures.

She did all that without grumbling and murmuring. [Philippians 2:14]. Knowing that she is doing it as unto the Lord, not as unto Eliezer. [Colossians 3:23].

She did not have the slightest idea of his mission –to find a wife.

She didn’t do it for showbiz or to be seen. She didn’t do it for recognition or to attract attention to her. [Matthew 6:1].

She did not give to receive. [Acts 20:35].

She didn’t do it to attract Eliezer to herself, but to attract Eliezer to her Lord. [Matthew 5:16].

All the while, Eliezer watched her in utter astonishment, an inward rumination obviously taking place while the whole scene was being enacted before his eyes.

Mr. you should care about her character far above her beautiful physique.

Miss, you should care about his character far above his charming tongue, and everything else he has materially.

There is nothing as disastrous as marrying for material gain, or a physical appearance. Both are fleeting. Nothing in this temporal world has a state of permanence but virtue and character are.

Hit the pause button and observe his/her mannerisms.

How does she react to requests from those in authority above her?

How does she react to situations or pressure from without?

How is when he has hit a jackpot deal? What about when he is broke?

Do they care about their spiritual growth? Are they easily convicted of their sins?

Do not just jump into a relationship without gathering what is intangible too. What is seen cannot be fertile soil laying the foundation of marriage on. You will be setting yourself up for an inevitable emotional heist.

Abraham’s servant cared nothing about the woman’s appearance. He wanted a woman of character, a woman whom God had chosen for Isaac. Deliberate delayance had to happen.

Its only through observation that we can collect what was left unsaid…

God ordered love…



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