HUSBAND, you are the GIFT. GIVE yourself!

Don’t just sit there, do something amigo.

A husband is a man driven by PURPOSE and who gives himself generously to his woman and family. He doesn’t withhold anything good from his family. He gives his all. He surrenders all and devote himself to his reason for being.

The gift of a man is in his purpose. If you don’t know your purpose, stop anything else you are doing and discover it now. Once he realizes his mission on earth, and submits to his purpose, fully, and becomes the gift. (Did I lose you?)

So how do you, as a husband give yourself as a gift?

1. Through self-awareness. A man who is in charge of his thoughts, ideas, emotions, cravings, preferences and mental biases is a solid male. He bounces these attributes on the surface of his values, life philosophy and faith.

These reflections enables him to assess how sound his actions are; what effects they have on himself and the world around him; and gives him a realistic view of himself through any kind of lens thrown to him.

Being self aware is knowing your limits and living just beyond them in order to grow.

A man cannot grow in a comfort zone.

He will be stagnant and senile.

Self-awareness will make a husband be in a better position to handle the his woman as well as his children. He is grounded and is a good foundation for a thriving marriage. He can be able to lord his emotions, desires and weakness with an attitude of making a good life better.

This man will never self-destruct.

The Word of God is the mirror. In it is the repository of knowledge and wisdom. As a mirror, it reflect the true identity of ourselves and subsequently, we can be more aware of our flaws with a view of diminishing them.

2. As a gift, a husband lavishes his woman with love. Once you choose to love your woman and spend the rest of your life embracing her enchantment, courtesy behoves you to masculinely reciprocate.

Nurture is synonymous with manhood.

We are stewards of everything under our care. God has bestowed us with immense responsibility as head of the family. This is not about ruler-ship but servanthood. The head is the epicentre of all functions and processes of the body. It’s not about control but coordination.

Love is not just a word or action. It’s an ENVIRONMENT. Your wife will blossom in love. She will glow and submit to you when she’s lost in the garden of love.

Love will make her bloom. It will nurture her.

It’s you, the gift, that needs to gift her with the reward of love, which emanates from you, freely.

3. Lavish her with your vision, wisdom and knowledge. Lead her in sobriety and integrity.

I can tell you for a fact; your wife can lead herself. She knows the way, but she doesn’t mind being held and led by the man, in the right direction. She will enjoy seeing that killer in you who will scare away all her doubts and worries. She wants you to utilise the masculine strength you have to conquer your fears and have dominion over anything that comes your way. So hold her hand and go get ’em.

No lady wants a wimp – someone who hangs of the chandelier when there’s a rat in the house.

Your strength is a fortress.

Your courage is a companion.

She decisive in your vision and ruthless in your focus.

Is it too much to ask?

Isn’t this the way of men.

You are the gift, lavish her with yourself.

4. As a gift, lavish her by embracing her femininity. This doesn’t mean you become femine. Nah. The way to caress her femininity is by allowing her nature to interact with yours in perfect harmony. Allow her to tap from your energies and strength. You are blessed. Bless her with the gifts that God has freely given you.

She wants to thrive in your virility. A blend of your robustness and agility are a dangerous appeal. Give her these and more.

She loves your physical strength.

Use it to protect her.

She loves your emotional steadiness.

Use it to create an atmosphere of stability.

She wants your staunch faith.

Use is to lead her spiritually.

She is endeared by your emotional intelligence.

Use it to build a lasting friendship.

You are the gift.

Give yourself to your woman, 100%, or nothing at all.

Get your purpose right. Submit to it.



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