Yesterday night, I had a great surprise from my husband.

He had just put our 3 year old baby girl to bed, and I was handling our infant.

I was just taking a breather when he asked me for a little help in clearing some stuff from the living room.
Honestly, my back was hurting and I was tempted to say, “I will join you later on”, but hey, 5 more minutes of helping him out wouldn’t break my bone.

I hop on his back and take a back ride to the living room.
Suddenly, this ambience strikes me.

I couldn’t help but break down and cry. It just didn’t come as a surprise, but more than anything else, he spoke to me what I needed to hear then.

He understood my season, saw through my stares, felt every word when I signed out.
He STUDIED ME, EMPATHIZED with me, and in the process, his actions HONORED me.

Am not a man and understanding the man’s world as a woman, will take a lifetime, and still I might never unravel it all. All the same, my husband does a perfect job in decoding it all for me.

Husbands, when you study your wife’s life, you’ll begin to empathize with her. These two parts go hand in hand. It’s difficult to understand your wife’s feelings and actions if you don’t take a step back to study not only the situations in her life but also her soul.

What are her strengths? Her weaknesses? Where does she need you to pick her up and help her on? In what areas does she excel and how might you learn from her?

Wives aren’t merely add-ons. They’re gifts from God that help their husbands to grow and succeed. Take it or leave it, that’s the WORD OF THE LORD, not the world’s broken standards.

When we[wives] speak to you, its based on our love, intuition, wisdom and accumulated knowledge.
Unless a wife is a total nag and a chronic critic, it’d be wise to study your wife as a husband.

Any wise husband will know that living with his wife in understanding, requires TIME.
We learn about some things by experiencing them first-hand – STUDY.

As you study and learn from your wife, you begin to respect her in a whole new way.

The more you admire her gifts and the ways that they’re uniquely part of God’s design where you are not, the more you can tune your heart toward understanding and empathy for her in all areas of your walk together.

If a husband wants to know his wife well, he needs to develop empathy.
As a husband, how often do you do that?

How often do you try to understand what it’s like to chase little children around all day? And seldom have another adult with whom to converse? And often have another job (or two) on top of taking care of the kids? And have a monthly physiological cycle that changes the body’s moods and perceptions? And perform all the other responsibilities that are expected of her?

If nothing else, the exercise of empathy helps a husband to develop a tender heart and a humble mind.
It helps him develop a heart of compassion toward his wife and all women.

It fights sexism and misogyny. It elevates all women in his eyes.

Above all, it honors his wife well.

Husband, find ways to honor your wife. It might not be my husband’s way, but find a way to say, “I LOVE YOU, I APPRECIATE ALL YOU DO, YOU ARE A GREAT MOTHER AND WIFE!”

This was my husband’s way!❣️ Night made!❣️




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We are John and Mary Munene and we…