I watched mam hold dad’s hands. As feeble as they were, she looked at him straight in his eyes and said, “it’s well dad. ”
Somehow I could see he was having more questions, but he rested on mam’s assurance, that it was well.
Suddenly the vows spelt again right before my eyes.
Words that are quickly said without thought flashed right before me.
“In sickness, in health, for better for worse. ”
I thought about my wedding day, how quickly I recited the words, probably in hopes of finishing the service, and dance the day away.
I had a moment of introspection. “Did I think of that part with the seriousness that it deserves?” “In sickness, in health. ”
Sounds fairly easy at the altar until you find that the proposition is not as easy as it first sounded.
How many of us think about those words?
Live throws at us curveballs when we least expect it, and it’s in those curves that love is tested.
The real test of love is when life takes a sharp turn.
The real test of love is when there’s a bend and there’s no way out of it.
#when #physically #sick.
Can you be there for your spouse when they are staring right at death?
Can you change their diapers or colostomy bags when they don’t have the strength to take themselves to the lavatory?
Will you still stand by them even when they talk rudely – not so as usual?
Will you stand the pressure of juggling between work, and looking after them daily?
Will your vows bind?
Can you physical lift them up when at the hospital?
Will your mouth be filled with encouragement even at the face of imminent death?
Will you still love him/her unreservedly when their strength fails?
Will you stand by them and still say, “You are the apple of my eye. ”
Would you resign from your work to care for your spouse?
Will your vows bind?
#when #emotionally #sick.
Will you still stay when they sucked up in depression, endure and bear with them as you pray that the Lord will pull them out of that state?
Will you stay when they don’t reciprocate your love?
Will you still love them when they run mad?
Will your vows bind?
Will you bring hope to them amidst all negative circumstances?
Will you refuse to curse God, be bitter with God, question God, bargain with God, and just say, Amen?
Will your vows bind?
(Please note : I do not mean that you need to endure physical torture, or hang on when the marriage is abusive.
You can try bring in a trusted couple to walk with you.
I know that the Lord is able to restore, but at times, a little time apart, to heal could be good for both of you.)
#when #spiritually #sick
Will you be the initiator of change?
Will you avoid pointing fingers at your spouse and work on you first?
Will you go to God in love, no bitterness or anger and pray for your spouse?
Will you quickly let go of transgressions done to you by your spouse?
Will your vows bind?
Will you quit giving God notifications on what your spouse is doing wrong and Praise the Lord for what they are doing right?
Will you walk in obedience to God and keep doing what is right, not because your spouse deserves it, but because it’s the word of the Lord?
Will you still listen to him in love even though he doesn’t deserve your listening ear?
Will your vows bind?
The next time you look at your husband or wife, repeat the vows (in your house) with the seriousness it deserves.
The next time he asks you to marry him, think if you would lay it all down him, I mean ALL.
The next time you want to propose to her, think if you would religate your libido, keep yourself under check, subject your body under control, until she gets up on her feet.
The next time you think about settling down, think about the vows that go unbroken.
Think about the vows that bind.
If your spouse gets physically, emotionally or spiritually sick, will you still stand by them?
Will your vows bind?
#marriageworks #Godspeed #throughmyparentseyes

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We are John and Mary Munene and we…