In Boxing, there are a few ways that one can earn points, score and emerge victorious.
The manner in which one throws the punches, when and how and they land on the opponent will impress on the judges whether to or not to award you points.

But on the flipside, you stand to lose if you do not guard yourself!
Every blow, every knock down inflicted on you gives your opponent an advantage. You lose your points. Your rating in that round takes a nose dive.

To keep up, you must make good evades, gain the initiative and remain focused on the price.
You must be the Last Man Standing in the ring!

In Titus 2:6-8; the young men are exhorted to be Sober-minded! To be alert all the time.
A sober mind thinks right.
A sober mind is a sound mind. It is settled and rests in the serenity of reason. It seeks to understand, to contemplate before taking a course of action. It is focused on building, edifying and nurturing and offering sound judgement on issues of life. It is not ignorant on the schemes of the evil one, nor does it rest in the folly of the bystanders.

From this foundation, a pattern of good works sprouts. Positive vibes overflow. Works of charity emanate. Responsibility is yearned for. Integrity becomes the yardstick of every engagement.
The man who possesses these is incorruptible! He’s not swayed by the fleeting desires of the flesh which easily ensnare us.
His character is of good repute.
He’s known at the gates.
When he speaks, words of wisdom flow from his mouth. Sound speech that cannot be condemned. No fault is in his talks.

[ctt template=”8″ link=”_rTdU” via=”no” ]A sober-minded athlete knows that he has to finish the race and finish WELL![/ctt]
He minds the affairs of his house. He’s a man of faith. He is a man who knows that his purpose in this world supersedes his selfish ambitions.
Word tells us in 2 Tim 2: 4,5 that; he knows that he is always at war and he does not entangle himself with the affairs of this life, that he may please Him who enlisted him as a soldier.
A sober-minded athlete knows that he has to finish the race and finish WELL!
This means that he has to train and train hard. He must rise up when everyone else is sleeping and do a few tens of kilometers before daybreak. When he goes to the tracks, he must compete according to the rules, otherwise he shall be running aimlessly like a mad man.

Discipline is of the essence in every worthy course.
It calls for us to control our emotions, our inner desires and thirsts.
Self-control is an attribute of the Spirit of God.
A man with self-control is better than a man who conquers a city. (Proverbs 16:32).
This calls for self-discipline.
It will keep you away from the pitfalls that ensnare us every day, the strange woman who lies in wait in the streets for the man without understanding. That charmingly deceptive lady with tantalizing allures ready to kill your destiny!

[ctt template=”8″ link=”uaAMi” via=”no” ]Discipline is of the essence in every worthy course.[/ctt]
We have to remain sober-minded, focused and self-controlled to be the ‘Last Man Standing’!
Stand for your marriage!
Stand for your children!
Stand for your family!
Stand for your faith!
Stand for what is right!


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