#LETTER: To a Mother struggling with her body #image.

I was a size 8 when I got married. I always had a small body frame. . .

I could rock my swimming costumes without hiding my belly. My abs were tight since I was also keen on exercise.

Then motherhood happened.

My belly stretched out so much that I ended up getting a medical condition called diastasis recti.

It’s basically where the abdominal muscles tear and separate completely. Worse, I had a Cesarean delivery and due to the separation, the healing process was painful. My back was so bend in.

Basically, I was warped. In every way possible. I couldn’t move, my back was strained. I had two options, surgery or physical exercise.

We opted for the latter. . .

Motherhood has a way of stripping you down. Your body is a map of who you are.

It might bear the scars of pregnancy and childbirth or your heart might bear them from loving a child you didn’t physically carry.

Your eyes might be dark and heavy, hinting at the sleepless nights you’ve spent caring for little ones. Your hands may be more wrinkled, showing you’ve cradled, caressed, and worked hard to serve your children.

Your back might be sore from carrying the child who just wants to be close. Motherhood can be rough.

Today, mama, let God gently hold you where you are worn and remind you that no matter your physical weariness, he is cultivating within you the unfading beauty of a quiet and gentle spirit.

Don’t look at yesterday and long for how your body was. Instead, look at how far you have come. Look at how this body has served you and remember that what is most precious to God is the beauty that comes from within.

His work in your heart is far more valuable than anything outward could ever be.

Even as you sink all that in, if you can do something about how you feel, do it.

Don’t wallow in self pity.

Eat healthy, keep the junk food at a minimal level. Take a gym class if you can, take long walks, do a morning run, listen in to what uplifts your spirit, enjoy your spouse, make memories together, laugh out loud, take some time to rest, but most importantly, enjoy the season you are in. . . because the Lord knows in motherhood, you are still in worship.

A step at a time, at your own pace. However slow the progress is, keep the trajectory going.

Happy Mother’s Day ❣️



#LETTER :To a mama #struggling with miscarriages,

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We are John and Mary Munene and we…