The week is over and being a Friday, most of us, can’t wait to catch up with our friends!
Talking about friends.
Last time, I talked about dismissing the crowd -and whoever said that friendships are built in foxholes was never far from the truth.
For not everyone should see into your life, because not everyone will understand the season you are in.
Actually not everyone who smiles at you is your friend.
True discernment is needed in knowing who should be in your circle.
I say that a true friend comes from the Lord just like a husband or wife.
Do not make a mistake of letting people into your life so fast.
Friendship is more like a striptease – (excuse me for using that example but don’t pretend not to know what that is!)
It is a striptease, unveiling yourself slow but sure.
Unveiling yourself layer after layer.
You tell your secrets inch by inch.
They tell, you tell.
Not you tell, tell, tell and tell.
This brings me to my support. The word of the Lord. There’s every answer in His word.
Friendship is more like a triangle.
Did you know that the triangle is the strongest shape in the world.
Look at all the tools that are triangle in shape!
They strong and unbreakable.
Even marriage is triangle.
You and your husband at the extreme ends, and God is at the apex.
So is friendship.
Every level has got it’s own significance.
The problem comes in when you invert the triangle and let the apex face down.
It will definitely topple over.
Why, because the apex cannot support the triangle. Never has it and never will it!
Unfortunately most of you invert your friendship triangle!
Christ layered his friends and put them in levels and so should we.
Let’s have a look.
#Topmost level : Level 1 : THE MAIN WING.
Jesus had John as his best friend.
There was nothing that Christ went through that John didn’t know about.
He was his main man. His go to person when weather beaten. He cried when Jesus cried.
He felt Christ’s heart.
The Bible clearly calls him, “the disciple whom Jesus loved.”
John was really loyal to Christ. Infact, he was the only apostle, out of 12, present at the cross.
The book of John is infact very different from the other ‘synoptic books’.
His book is filled with alot of Christ and His love because he experienced the love of Christ first hand.
He was present when Jairus’s daughter was being healed, at the garden of Gethsemane when Christ was broken, and at the transfiguration.
The Son -of -Thunder saw Christ at his weakest point -at the Garden of Gethsemane, and at his strongest point -at the Cross, when Christ said, it’s finished. Hallelujah!
Now, it’s important to know who your true friend(s) is.
They are those who have seen you at your weakest point and do not judge you, and seen you at your strongest point, and aren’t filled with envy.
They have seen you struggle and fall, and have encouraged you to pick up your pieces and move on.
They feed your soul and do not drain you.
This is a friend whom you should draw from before going out to the crowd.
They cover you and are the most sane when you are at the end of the road.
[ctt template=”8″ link=”KU0Wa” via=”no” ]They are those who have seen you at your weakest point and do not judge you, and seen you at your strongest point, and aren’t filled with envy.[/ctt]
They rebuke you in love.
They tell you the truth, and though you might feel as if they are too hard, they have your utmost interest at heart.
But what happens?
Some of you have a great friend, but you never support them.
You false evidence is peddled against them, but never have you stood up for your friend.
You are a crowd pleaser.
Quick to let people in into your inner chambers, not weary of the wolves in sheep skin.
Not every born again Christian is a true friend. Ask God to lead you.
Otherwise you will expose your all to them and they will in turn expose you to the world.
Level 1 of friends should never be traded for the crowd.
They are the people who pray for you, the only ones who understand what you are going through.
This are the friends you “strip” your heart to.
An important thing to note is, your husband or wife should be at the pinnacle of all your friends..
If you find yourself drawn to talking to others more than your spouse, I urge you to re-evaluate your relationship.
The 2nd level had James and Peter.
He describes Peter as the “rock.”
They too were present at the transfiguration, at Jairus’s home and at the garden of Gethsemane.
They are more like your main men too.
The people who pray for you, share in your struggles and have seen you grow.
They deposit and deposit and make it possible for you to withstand the numerous withdrawals , and constant barrage from the crowd.
They share your joy and carry your pain.
They are the friends whom are loyal, trustworthy and can be “naked and unashamed” with.
The 3rd level in Christ’s life were the 12 disciples.
These disciples had never seen him cry. They had never seen him at his weakest point.
Infact, Christ did not let them into his inner feelings for the 3 years he walked with them in ministry.
Just because you are in ministry together doesn’t give you a caveat to tell it all.
I bet Christ saw characters like Judas the betrayer, Thomas the doubter, and no wonder he kept them at an arms length.
These are people who walk with, see what you are capable of but at times have no faith in your abilities.
Most of them are there for camaraderie.
Be careful not to show your weakness to them because it’s easy for them to fall out with you.
Be careful when sharing out your secrets with them because chances of them talking behind your back are high.
The 4th level were the 70 appointed.
They were early emmisaries of Christ.
Christ paired them and gave them a special mission.
Luke 10:1 says that He sent them to every town he was about to go.
What I don’t know is if they did as Christ asked or maybe the enemy coaxed them into asking “Why is Christ sending us?”, “Why not the disciples? ” . “Why send us to those funny towns? ”
Their mission was transitory.
This is where we say, some friends are brought into your life for a certain mission.
They come and go, and it’s okay.
They cannot understand your deeper call. So share what the mission is then. Period!
Once done, let them go!
These are people who know you but shouldn’t know you personally…why, because they cannot handle you at the moment when life is just a big bag of frustration floating on top of you.
They know you but do not know your calling.
#Level 5 : THE CROWD
The 5th level was the crowd.
These are people who are with you mostly for what they can get from you.
It’s unfortunate as it sounds, but they are only with you for fish and bread.
The miracles and the gossip they can get.
To cheer during your fortune moments and bay for your blood when you are compelled to speak out the truth
They have a perpetual appetite to feed from you.
They only withdraw.
They can’t handle you with a broken spirit or a parched soul.
They are placed in our lives for a purpose.
To push us towards our destiny.
The crowd will discourage you, that you may seek the encourager.
The crowd will laugh at you that you may kneel more in prayer.
The crowd will jest at your failures and gossip you rather than rebuke you…but they are there to push you off your comfortable zone.
To believe in your abilities more.
Now, the problem with us is that we go opening up to the crowd.
We listen to the crowd.
We crave their approval and love and forget that they are not placed in our lives to NOT TO love us, but to remind us of our purpose.
We tell it all, strip up and expect them to walk with us as our inner circle. Never!
[ctt template=”8″ link=”WX593″ via=”no” ]Above all, make Christ the safest of all the zones you have, for He never disappoints.[/ctt]
Stop picking up unwarranted signals and frequencies.
Stop spilling your soul out to the crowd and expect a cheering.
It’s not in their purview and it shouldn’t be in yours either.
Have you been doing things the wrong way.? The truth is, Christ did not adjust his inner circle to suit the 12 disciples, the 70 appointed nor the crowd.
He knew where each one of them belonged to.
Be wise.
Learn to decern demands and what needs attention, when and why.
Do not tell out your dreams to everyone for they may steal them and cause a pre-mature death to your vision.
Know who to lean on when things get tough.
Above all, make Christ the safest of all the zones you have, for He never disappoints.
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