Love Trusts…Love Hopes in all things!

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I may speak in the language of angels but without Love I am nothing. Love always trusts, always hopes, love never fails.
Trust is always a hard thing to do. Many people know God but they don’t trust him. You cannot separate love from trust.
Trust is a firm belief in the integrity, ability, or character of a person or thing; it is actually putting all confidence or reliance on that person, believing that whatever they do, will be for your own good.
We need to move from just knowing God to fully trusting in Him. If you Trust in the Lord, your confidence will be on Him alone.
You will be patient when he delays your miracle, and won’t fret because you know He is doing that for your own betterment, actually for the best.
Your confidence will be on him not on people. People won’t define your identity, but God will.
You will know that he is a God full of integrity, and He holds his word true. Whatever He speaks has to happen.
His words do not return void to Him.
Proverbs 3:5 says
“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.”
How beautiful it is to trust in the Lord.
Funny enough, we are able to trust the driver of ‘KUKENA’ sacco matatus to take you from point A to point B, but we cannot fully trust in the Lord.
We are able to put our confidence on the pilot who has flown “many hours” but we cannot trust in the Lord who commands the winds to be still when on flight, to give you a safe journey with no turbulence.
We need to trust and fully trust in the Lord who holds our future.
He is able, and all He wants from you is to hope in him.
The same principle has to be mirrored in our marriages.
The quality of trust is not just about being ‘trusted’ that you won’t break your wife’s or husband’s heart.
It is a quality that interweaves faith, selflessness and hope together.
Simply put, trust helps us to see through the eyes of hope and we in turn become patient.
Love cannot fully thrive without trust. You have to trust that your husband or wife has your best interest at heart, no matter the unwavering circumstances.
In other words “you do not lose faith.” I know you will ask the question, “How do I trust my spouse even after hurting me?”
The answer is you trust your spouse through the eyes of the Lord.
You can’t trust him, trust in the Lord who can shape him.
You can’t trust her, trust in the Lord who can turn her from a contentious wife, to a loving submissive wife.
You let go, and let God mold him.
When you can’t trust your spouse, trust God instead, for your spouse.
Give him/her to the Lord.
Instead of being a snooping wife, give him to the Lord.
Instead of waiting until he goes to the bathroom to check through his call logs, give him to the Lord.
Instead of going through his Facebook chats, WhatsaApp, IG, Viber, give him to the Lord.
Instead of picking up fights with the women he’s chatting with, let the Lord fight them off instead for you!
You spend so much time calling all the ladies on his phonebook to ask who he is to them instead of trusting the Lord to give him the mind of being open and transparent with you.
Lady, the marriage battle is won on the knees!
Not by poking through your man’s ego.
Not by crying the whole night.
Not by manipulating your way in your marriage.
Not by denying him his conjugal rights.
Not by calling all the ladies and picking up fights that are not there.
Not by accusing him.
Not by threatening to leave.
Not by outalking him, in hopes of changing him.
Not by giving him the silent treatment thinking that you are punishing him.
None of the above!
On your knees! That’s where you win your battle!
Girl, you spend so much time worrying instead of kneeling.
You spend so much time accusing him instead of getting ‘intel’ from the Master of all ‘intel’ the Lord God almighty!
Why wouldn’t you trust the Lord to mold your husband if you have issues with him?
The best secret teller to a woman is God! He will keep your secrets and act on them ASAP!
With that comes a Love that hopes.
Hope in the sense that you know that your spouse will be better or is better than his or her weaknesses.
That, you are able to prop each other up and support each other through anything and everything.
You hope in God and you hope in each other.
As I always say, our first year was a learning time for us.
We had a lot of expectations towards each other and we were selfish. No one wanted the ‘self’ to die.
Until the Lord changed my attitude and ways, as a wife first, and I subjected myself to be taught by the Lord to be a good wife.
A wife from the Lord’s throne, rather than being grumpy at my husband, throwing tantrums in hopes that he will be “perfect!”
My hubby, well, he had Christ as his best friend.
When he couldn’t understand me, I was so sure he was running to God for his answers too.
Thank God for your wife or hubby, instead of being busy pointing out everything that is amiss in your marriage.
Love that trusts and hopes puts the bearing first with God then moves.
He is the one who gives you the strength not to give up on your marriage no matter what.
Honestly, I think, the women are the ones who need more of the panel beating from the Lord!
Since a big responsibility is always at hand; building your marriage to be extraordinary.
During that time of learning an adjusting, my hubby had learnt to go to God first before saying anything to me.
He hoped that I will be taught of the Lord, and he kept saying to me, “I’m committed to be here Baeby, to stay with you and to work it out!”
“I am married to you, and we have to find our path hunnie. Regardless of the cost or the time involved, I am not quitting.”
“I am here to stay! Stuck on you!”
We had to hold onto Love that hopes and trusts in the Lord to find our path.
A path that is extraordinary, because we didn’t want a normal marriage. We asked of God to be as rare as the colourless diamond!
Heat and pressure had to purify us!
We needed a cut from the Lord. Every day, he trims those things He sees that are not right!
Well, the quick fix microwave generation is one that under heat and pressure, everyone goes their own way. “I don’t need you, I am done! I am leaving! I will handle it on my own!”
Honestly, that is not love.
A love that hopes doesn’t give up on each other.
It travails in prayer and in working out to be the best of the best.
Just as Christ is the solid rock on which we stand, so should be our marriages.
Fully anchored on a solid foundation.
Love hopes in the Lord that your spouse will be better than the current circumstances.
Love trust…Love hopes all things…
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