MAN SUBMISSION: Part 1 – An Introduction

Therefore a man shall LEAVE his father and mother and be JOINED (CLEAVE) to his wife, and they shall become ONE flesh…” Gen 2:24.

My emphasis today is on LEAVING.

To leave in this context means ‘not to be under’, to depart or to DISENGAGE.

A man is always under authority, whether human or supernatural, or both. Human authority may be the laws of the land which he is subject to or lawful office holders over him. And no one can be above the law but can only enjoy immunity during a tenure due to the nature of his or her position.

Human authority can also be in form of parental authority.

Every parent has authority over his or her children. It is a God given role that cannot be relegated to an uncle, aunt, or first borns. It can only be relegated under special circumstances such as death of a parent but still, they would only be acting.

A parent shepherds a child under the authority of GOD. All these authorities are from God. When marriage happens, a man DISENGAGES from the parental authority and gets promoted to be under the direct authority of God. He now takes orders from God himself. That’s why a husband is told to love his wife as Christ loves the Church and not as his father loves his wife.

LEAVING starts when a boychild becomes a SON. A boychild is dependent on the parent for all his nourishment. He lives under his parent’s roof. He is still a BOY.

A son, however, is the graduated version of a boy. He is a man who can make his own sober decision, take responsibilities and can also steward what he and his father has. A boy asks his father for food.A son takes care of his father’s estate.

A boy can’t be trusted to take care of himself. A son is already out there handling his business like a man. So when a man LEAVES the authority of his parents, he gets under the direct authority of God and when he and the wife become one flesh, they are unstoppable in fulfilling the will of God in their lives.

His submission to his parents as a son ceases, and transits to HONORING his parents. His submission to God goes to another level since he has a home to be accountable of. He therefore joins together, get hooked and holds on to his wife, while under the authority of GOD.

That’s where MAN SUBMISSION begins.

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