MAN SUBMISSION Part 2 – Submission to God

It’s interesting how kings in the Old Testament used to consult God before they went to battle. They asked Him whether they should pursue their enemies and whether they would conquer. God would then give them a nod or advice otherwise. And the end state was as sure as the sunrise.

It is good to fight alongside the Lord of Hosts isn’t it?

Another peculiar thing, still in the Old Testament, was the Ark of the Covenant. It signified the presence of God as well as a meeting place for both human and deity.
It also exemplified the submission of the people to God and His rulership.

The benefits of the Ark of Covenant cannot be understated.
Around it was success, peace, growth, influence, protection, royalty and grace.
A wise ruler or king submitted to God.
He was a man under authority.

I remember the parable of the rich fool who didn’t acknowledge God. He thought that all he did was through his own efforts and toil.
One day, after a great harvest, he said he would pull down the barns and build bigger ones in order to store all his fruits and goods.
He asked his soul to rest, eat, drink and be merry.
But unfortunately, he didn’t see the light of the following day. God took his soul that night. He was a fool (Luke 12).
A fool says that there is no God.
I could go on and on.

Every man has been given authority over his life and his family. He has also been given dominion over all creation. But by who? God.
There is no AUTHORITY, except from God. All the authorities exist are established by God (Romans 13).

So how do we Submit to Him?


Through seeking His guidance and help.
By asking Him about every issue of our lives to the minute detail.

We submit to Him by knowing Him and introducing Him to our wives and children.
The preacher or pastor at the pulpit will only pick up from the foundation you have laid for your children. Make Him known to your children first through you.
Give them the privilege of saying ‘I know and believe the God of my father’.

Submission to God teaches us DISCIPLINE.
It helps us to practice self control and restraint.

It brings out our purpose.
It does not make us weak.
It makes us stronger and unstoppable.
Who can rise against a man whose God is Lord?

When we yield to God, we are empowered.
Submission to God keeps pride at bay because we attribute all our success and victories to Him.
You never lean on your own understanding (Proverbs 3).

It makes our ways straight and beyond reproach.
It keeps us safe and at peace.

When you let God to shepherd your soul, He will never withhold anything good from you (Psalm 23).
When we learn to submit to God, to His will, we will understand that all things are working together for our good.

Your steps will be ordered.
Anything you venture into will have a heavenly backing.
Submission to God forms the basis of submitting to one another and informs the basic building principles of the family.



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