Before Eve came into the picture, Adam was already getting things done.
He had named all the animals already!
He was having dominion over all creation and subduing the earth.

He was just one Adam but he was already fulfilling his purpose.

That’s why I encourage men to find their purpose before they find their spouse.
It’s biblical and practical.
Adam had his life together, divinely knit by God, and working along the breathe of his purpose before Eve was paraded to him by God.

It’s very interesting to note that God didn’t give Eve the name ‘woman’. It was Adam. Why?
He knew his role in the Garden of Eden.
He saw a beautiful creation that he had never seen before, someone who looked like him, bone of his bones, flesh of his flesh and named her. Pap! Just like that.

When we allow God to be our Lord, and remain in Eden (read His presence), we effortlessly fulfill our purpose. Every day becomes a step towards cementing and building what we are meant to be.

You can’t be anything in this world. It’s a lie.
But you can fulfill your purpose on earth.
Not all are born to be presidents, or lawyers, or pilots, or intrepreneurs, or pastors, or bishops, or mechanics, or teachers… The list can go ad infinitum.

Back to Adam. He woke up every morning driven and motivated by his purpose.
Today we are still perpetuating the original purpose; to have dominion, to subdue the earth, to be fruitful and multiply.

You don’t need a wife, a deadline, children or fear of poverty to wake you up.
Even when you are single, you can be self-driven by your purpose.
It supercedes any other intrinsic motivation.

Purpose should not be mistaken with legacy.
Those two are worlds apart even though they share some similarities.
A legacy its about your reputation and how people will remember you.
A purpose is not about you.
It has nothing to do with your selfish desires. It’s about generations to come after you.

Purpose keeps you DISCIPLINED and FOCUSED.
It acts as a beacon and a reference point.
It helps you navigate through life issues.
Storms may come, yes they will.
Losses might be incurred.
There will be moments of celebration and bravado. But your purpose will keep you grounded.

Purpose keeps you in your own lane.
Everyone has a unique purpose.
It helps you avoid the rat race.
You no longer compete against anyone; you only work towards achieving your mark.

You cannot be anyone else.

There’s only one you that ever existed or will ever exist.
Be you.
You are unique for a reason.
Purpose matures you and helps you see beyond your nose. You live a life without regrets.

Purpose slaps you awake from your slumber and complacency.

There’s nothing as strong as purpose driven decisions. They avail much.
Every man should be tied to his purpose.
Infact, he must be a slave of purpose.
Otherwise he shall be swayed in any direction like a flag on a windy afternoon.
Before you marry a woman, marry your purpose.
The woman will come as a helper.

But what will she find if you have nothing?
God created her to be a suitable helper in fulfilling your purpose.

What frustrates many women is the fact that they come ready to help but they find a clueless man. It’s sad.
Be found ready.
Be found already working at it.
Find your purpose.




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