Before you start cringing and thinking eewwwwee…how disgusting, just take a pause, yes that’s marriage. You might share a toothbrush, slippers, lotion, towels, perfume, boxers, literally everything.
Here is our story.
We needed a break, away from the hustle and bustle of everything, so we planned for a short vacation away from the city.
As usual, I was so excited. I love traveling and the break was more than needed.
I packed up, he packed up and well, I made sure I counter checked everything just to be certain that we didn’t leave anything important.
We packed everything we needed and began our journey.
The Lord was gracious enough, we got to our destination well.
We had an awesome dinner and retreated back to our cottage to have a rest after a long day.
I was busy brushing my teeth as I prepared to soak myself in the tub, only for my hubby to shout.

Hubby: Hunnie, where is my toothbrush?
(Am thinking haaaa????)
Me: I though you put it back in the bag hunnie! Bae you didn’t put it back?
Hubby: I placed it on the bed, I thought you would put it in the bag for me baeby!
(Am thinking…Good lord! really Johnny…My mind tells me, just tell him to sort himself, but the Lord quickens in me something else, so I shout back)
Me: Hunnie, Am sorry! I didn’t see it! Am so sorry.
(A calm pause ensues)
Hubby: It’s alright! please bring me your toothbrush, after you are done!
(He jumps in the tub.)
(Am thinking…ahhhh???…my tooth brush!!)
Me: Hunnie, my brush?
Hubby: Yes. We are ONE bae! I know you inside out…
(He giggles…am cringing)
(Thinking again…ehhh…one…but mouth…cleaning…mouth brushing…no big deal???…really…?)
Hubby: Bae, a brush…
Me: ehhhhhhh…. what are you saying….? 
Hubby: Are you done? 
Me: Noooo… 
Hubby: How long…. 
Me: Yes… 
Hubby: Am asking, how much more time… 
Me: Ahhhhh….
Hubby: Baeby…
(He laughs)
Me: Okay love. Coming.
So we shared a brush for a full week…actually it was fun! Yes, it is! Don’t look at us thinking how weird. No, just find the fun side of the whole situation.
Well, if it makes you uncomfortable, it’s alright to just tell your spouse that you are not comfortable so much but in future, you will be okay.
Don’t use words like “I will not”, “I won’t”, “I can’t”. it sorts of creates a negative energy between the two of you.
Instead say, “What do you think about doing things this way hunnie, a, b, c”,” “Is it alright with you?” It creates dialogue between the two of you.
All in all, sharing a toothbrush is now in our “normal” bucket.
Create an open channel for communication instead of feeling offended at every little thing in marriage. Learn to say, “Hunnie, I appreciate your opinion, but in my view, a, b, c would work, what do you think?”
Marriage is just about finding fun in the little quirks that might pop up!
Laugh and Love hard!

We are John and Mary Munene and we love the Lord! Christ is our all in all! All we are is by God’s grace. Apart from having our individual careers, we are ardent bloggers, authors and misters of God's word. We have been blessed with two amazing children. A beautiful daughter and a handsome son. We love adventure, anything with lots of adrenaline is always a ‘go-thing’ for us! A cup of coffee next to a fireplace and a good book always does good to our souls! Hope you enjoy this blog!


  • sal

    I frequently find myself having used my hubby’s toothbrush comfortably only to realize when he goes to brush n he is like i think you should just then throw yours away you used my brush again. lol

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We are John and Mary Munene and we…