Marriage Diet Part 3-His Diet!

My last note on his diet…
Yeah! Shake it all for him! I know for a fact, if I didn’t get to cheer my hubby on during his mission, he would probably have deflated anyway.
The weather there were so bad, that it caused him to have severe heat rush on his whole body.
He was in pain, and daily, he would call to tell me how bad his condition is.
Instead of making him feel sorry for himself, telling him that he chose the wrong career, or making uncalled for statements like, “If you were in Nairobi, you would be Okay”, “I told you military is a death sentence !” I had to keep him going!
Daily reminding him that he can do it! He is totally built for war! Cheer the brother on! Cheer your husband on! Remind him of the things he faced, and still came out victorious. Tell him he is a conqueror !!
Tell him he is immortal and invincible! Be his biggest fan! Put on your tutu skirt and shake your bum bum for your man girlfriend! Cheer him on! Don’t deflate him more than he is already. Don’t you drown him.
Let him hear your sweet voice telling him to push and push.
Give your man some encouragement! It’s that plain. No rocket science!
You are bonded ad infinitum! So the best thing you can do for yourself, to guarantee a happy married life, is by encouraging that man you got!
Tides change and winds blow in an unexpected direction, so if you keep discouraging the helmsman of your marriage ship, he might as well go to sleep! Definitely, when God joined the two of you, he intended for him to take the lead, as you support him.
Sadly, we are always the first to discourage our husbands in everything! Do not poke holes into his esteem.
Do not make your husband lose confidence in himself because well, “he is of poor judgment”.
If you do that, he will either, take to flight, or take on a fight with you. None will work out for your good. If he takes to flight, he will definitely avoid you, and find every possible reason not to be near you. He will always be busy, always working, always with a couple of friends catching up, why? Because gal, you are super draining!
Of course with that, other issues creep in. You become super paranoid and insecure, that anyone and everyone becomes a threat to you. You will snoop through his phone, his iPad, his laptop, his twitter, his tweets, his Facebook chat, you become some sort of Trojan horse!
It was your own making gal, so get on your knees and let God teach you! He is not the problem, you are!
The bible says in Proverbs 21:19, that, It is better to live in a desert land than with a quarrelsome and fretful woman.
How bad can that get? That it would be better to be a wayfarer, scorched in the desert sun, than live with a contentious and quarrelsome wife?
You can get quarrelsome as a wife, or you can choose to be a woman with a gentle and a calm spirit, that rests on the promises of God, full of wisdom to run your home affairs, but, of gentle submission to the leadership of your husband.
The project might not seem viable, but approve him.
Let him know that you are grateful to him, for thinking of ways to make you and the kids happy, but, you will always be there to help him out with making the idea better, or seeing an alternative route!
Don’t be unwise to shout his idea down! Calling him names and belittling his efforts!
I can bet, not many of us say thank you when he has stopped by the mall and brought some shopping home, it’s his work, right?
We have stopped looking out for each other’s interests, instead, we look out for our own.
When that man starts avoiding you often, check your lip service status. Words cut deeper than a sword would.
When a man is encouraged, he outdoes himself. I guess that is pretty simple.
Change your attitude, and start putting the right rations in your diet.
Put on your tutu skirt and dance your heart out for the man you love, as you encourage him!
Marriage works! Get His diet right!
#marriageworks #Godspeed.
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We are John and Mary Munene and we…