1. Learn to always talk

If you are aggrieved by your spouse, talk it out so that you can both find a solution than apportioning blame.
Shifting blame is easier and less strangling, but the reason as to why couples talk, is to find ways to make their marriage work.
Do not be tempted to bury your conflicts in a bid to maintain a false sense of peace.Face them.
Transferring blame to your spouse, or avoiding it in totality doesn’t rid the issue out.

  1. Allow imperfections.

Well, this doesn’t mean that you should intentionally hurt your spouse. But, remember that they perfectly human at the end of the day.
They will annoy you and drive you insane at times.
Allow it anyway.
Allow your spouse his or her imperfections because the truth is, they will never go.
They can only try hard everyday day, deliberately, not to hurt you.
Allow each other to be perfectly human and find joy in the little quirks they bear.

  1. Celebrate your strengths.

Every successful marriage has to have couples who appreciate their individual strengths.
Marriage is never devoid problems. But celebrating each other’s strengths, goes a long way in strengthening each other.

  1. Change your attitude.

Remember that all couples face ups and downs in their journey.
All couples have differences and sometimes have no same views in regards to finances and its management, religion, children, in-laws, religion, name it.
Decide to fight for your marriage anyway.
Challenges are part of it, so learn to fight together, not fighting each other.

  1. Hold your beliefs, but not rigidly.

We are all from different backgrounds and brought up in different ways.
You can never be the same to the person you are with. Even siblings do have different temperaments. You are both right in your own eyes.
So do not be rigid enough not to learn from your spouse.
It’s okay to believe what you believe in, but if something is worthwhile and for a good cause, embrace it anyway.
You are a student of your spouse. Learning never ends. Do not be so rigid to think that your way is the only way. There’s no such thing as “my way” in marriage.
Hold on to your convictions but be open to learn.

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We are John and Mary Munene and we…