My husband and I have been doing a series on Singleness and Godly pursuit on our YouTube channel.

If you have time to spare as you do your chores, or if you could switch the Netflix off for around 30 minutes or so, I think the series would add much to your knowledge bank.

That said, it got me really thinking about the time I wasted in my singleness as I tried to light up ‘strange fires’ and put out those that the Lord lit.

See in Leviticus 10:1, Nabab and Abihu were struck by God for lighting strange fire. I love what some translations say, they offered unauthorized fire. Unacceptable fire.

Anything unauthorized means that it is does not have an approval. Almost illegitimate, illicit or forbidden.

So they offered an illigitimate fire unto the Lord and they were stuck down immediately.
You may ask, “weren’t they doing the right thing? Offering a sacrifice? Probably had the right regalia, you know the ephods and all?”

Yes they had all, but failed to comply on the very essence that brings them to the altar.

Their role was to lay down the sacrifice, and God’s was to light it up, burn it, consume it, and make it a spectacle for God’s glory_ ALONE!

But they didn’t. Nadab and Abihu lit the offering in the censers themselves, their fire was profane and thus God was not in it.

GOD WAS NOT IN IT. Read that thrice!

Isn’t it just baffling how well can turn into firefighters of what he lights in us, and try kindle what we have personally lit, especially the fire of relationships? That fire that GOD IS NOT IN IT.

The vast majority of us are afraid of really hearing from the Lord, when it comes to relationships, dating and marriage, because truthfully speaking, He will tell you to quit that relationship, quit sleeping with that boyfriend, quit sleeping with that lady, quit breaking up a marriage, quit dating someone’s husband, quit it all!

Wouldn’t He say so? Because IT’S NOT HIS FIRE?

One of the major problems we have today in our relationships is that so many people want God’s results without following God’s principles. They look for a godly return without making a godly investment.

Everyone seeks success in their relationships, but many have little real interest in God’s place in those relationships. It’s NOT HIS FIRE.

We scurry around trying to put out the flames He is kindling instead of fanning them. Probably every signal He sends to you says, “don’t get into a relationship with him/her, don’t settle for that, don’t get married”, but Yo! We are all trying to get loved, and married.

God is trying so hard to win you, so hard to light a fire that will keep both of you warmer and still blazing when the marriage frost bites threaten to freeze you up, but well, you just want to get married, so you light up your own fire!

I know I did. I lit so many strange fires in my Singleness.

I benched God when it came to relationships. I tried so hard, too hard, to be accepted and loved. I put some guards down, to be “loved more.” I idolized my relationships. God was there, but blurry, too blurry.

Funny enough, every fire I lit, God blew it out. Ohhh that sent crazy, on another wild goose chase. Like the alchemy of a fool’s gold, I spray painted every relationship with a golden hue, convincing myself that I had bagged in a golden relationship.

Truthfully speaking, some were rusted tins, I simply coated on the rust. Others were plastic relationships, no weight, a huff and a puff, and we were past tense.

I lit another and another and another, and God did enjoy fighting them down.

I operated like, “Hey God! Look! I just lit a blazing fire with this hot guy! Could you now bless this relationship? Keep us blazing! Could you make him more spiritual, loving and all? You know i have to get married in two years time. Amen!”

It was until I totally surrendered my dating life to Christ again and decided never to light up profane fires that He didn’t His words on, calling them profane!

Some of us are guilty like I was.“Lord, look at the fire I just lit. Now keep it burning, will You?”

Sure, he’s hot, she’s dripping, but.are you sure it’s the Lord’s fire?

One of the major distinctions between a man-made, earthly fire and the kind that comes from God is that one is manufactured, the other is sent from God.

Supernatural fire can only be originated supernaturally and it alone is what can make our lives an offering that He can receive and also what makes us a breathing billboard of His glory to those around us.

The holy fire in us, one that He lights, is what will create a distinction between a marriage for cameo appearances, and one for His glory. His fire.

As the fire of God’s Spirit falls afresh on us – gracing us with his favor, empowerment, fruit and gifts – our lives will be purpose-filled, glorifying to His name and bear eternal fruit.

So, you cease to light up strange fires that you cannot keep kindling, in stead, you let God light them up for you.

You cease to conjure up your own little fire in the name of relationship goals, for the likes, and hashtags on IG.

As you surrender your dating life to him, His fire, one that He provides THROUGH the Holy spirit, emboldens and stirs a holy fervor in you that you no longer rush into relationships, simply because you feel to. You begin to ask, “Lord, is this your will? Lord, can you provide the fire, here i am, as a living sacrifice!”

Ofcourse anything He begins, He sustains.

Just like the burning bush, that burnt without burning down, you burn for all to marvel at what only He can do.

For that to happen, you MUST quit manufacturing your own strange fires in the name of relationships.

Let Him provide the fire. Simply, provide yourself!

Now am here, just blushing at his vibe, simply because I let go of my compulsive need to light my strange fires.




We are John and Mary Munene and we love the Lord! Christ is our all in all! All we are is by God’s grace. Apart from having our individual careers, we are ardent bloggers, authors and misters of God's word. We have been blessed with two amazing children. A beautiful daughter and a handsome son. We love adventure, anything with lots of adrenaline is always a ‘go-thing’ for us! A cup of coffee next to a fireplace and a good book always does good to our souls! Hope you enjoy this blog!

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We are John and Mary Munene and we…