Practical ways of showing HIM love this Valentines!

Today being a well-publicised day of love, I have decided to compile a few practical ways, that I do, of showing your love and commitment my husband. I think we can all decide to do this together.
Well, this doesn’t mean that you should only do this today. These practical ways are not just meant to run for just particular days. Do them every day!
Little strokes of paint on a canvas at the end create a beautiful picture.
Little gestures go a long way in bringing your husband on board.
Yes, this is for all the wives out there. I know we are expecting chocolates, flowers, huge treats, but what if none of that comes? Will your marriage end?
So to curb that expectation fever, why not do something for your husband instead.
Be the giver. Giving creates joy and trust me!


  1. A love note

It will cost you nothing! Just take a piece of paper. You can decide to decorate it or simply let it remain as plain. You can decide to use a colored paper, whichever suits you. Write something so sweet that reminds him why you feel in love with him.
Sweet words sooth the soul.
Sweet words break even the toughest men!
Place it in his wallet, under his pillow, in his drawer, in his briefcase, in a book he is currently reading. Do it anyway!

  1. Text him and send him your picture! For His eyes only!

This is one of my favourite things! Oh yes I am so saved. Some of you act so up-tight with your husbands. There is nothing wrong with being flirty with your husband. T
here is nothing wrong with enjoying that level of intimacy where no other relationship gives save for marriage. So please, get to your phone and seduce your husband!
You can so borrow from Songs of Solomon
“Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth – for your love is more delightful than wine.”
Which husband cannot come running home to such a wife?

  1. Get him a meaningful gift, wrap and let it get delivered it to him or give him at home.

You need not overly spend. Get whatever you know he loves or needs.
You may ask me how will you know? Just observe.
He will occasionally say how his shirts are worn out, how he loves a particular pair of boxers or short. He will say how he would have loved to replace his tool box, the cars a good polish.
Arrange for that.

Galatians 6:9
Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.


  1. Welcome him with a hug and occasionally hug him throughout the whole evening.

I remember the first time I did that, my hubby asked me, “Are you okay hunnie?”  I told him I was just wanted to feel him close. I can never forget that smile.
Everyone loves to feel appreciated and needed. Nothing warms a man’s heart than knowing that he is the number one priority of his wife, and HE IS NEEDED.
So get snuggling that man. Cuddle him. Even with his sweaty armpits. Just tell him he smells like an apple crumble muffin, sweet and yummy!

  1. A back rub and a massage.

Our husbands work a lot and so do you too! But…Today, set aside time to massage his back. It can take only 15 minutes. Pass by the supermarket or my favorite stores, Healthy U, and get the massage oil. Lavender and mint are my favorite.
Loosen up his shirt, and when all is quiet and babies are asleep if you have them – get to work.
Dim the lights, or alternatively use the scented candles, and give him a slow sensual massage.
You shouldn’t be in a hurry to sleep even if your bed beckons!
He will never forget!

  1. Cook your way into his heart.

By this, I don’t mean spending the whole evening in the kitchen that you cannot find time to be with him
You absolutely know what meal he loves, get to prepare that.
Let it be presentable.
Be presentable too, actually inviting is the word!
Add a twist to it. It could be candle lit dinner or simply do dinner the picnic way! Put the mats down and have dinner silted on the floor.
Ladies, seek opportunities to sever your husbands! That is the only way you can bring him on board.

  1. Warm his bath water, or run his water in the tub.

Either way, get to prepare his bath water.
Warm it for him and take it to the bathroom with his slippers, towels and bath robes.
Make the bathroom convulsive for him relax. Then just pop in and scrub his back! You might just get the opportunity you so needed of communicating your needs to him!
How sweet.

  1. Hold his hand and pray for him as he hears.

Most wives pray for their husbands silently, and majority don’t even pray.
No wonder that devil has gotten the loophole to attack marriages. We have relegated our places and traded them for bitterness.
Do you know that the more you pray for your husband, the more you love him and easily let go of offences?
The Lord taught me to do so.
If he hurts you, pray for him rather than using your mouth to give him a piece of your mind.
So hold your husband’s hand and pray that the Lord will guide him. That The Lord will be His counsel. That the Lord will order His path. That he will not be weary of loving you. That he will love your children and support you.
Pray for him to be godly.
Pray that he will make a covenant with his eyes, and his heart not to sin.
Pray for your husband. Pray for God’s word over your husband.

  1. Affirm him, admire him!

Words of affirmation go a long way in building your husband. Your husband thrives in it!
Tell him that he the only one in your life. Tell him you admire how he does his work. Tell him that you love his strength and his character. Speak life to our husband.
Even if he’s not a giver, tell him that you love his generosity.
Create it in the spiritual realm.
Tell him you love how he shields and protects your marriage.
Affirm him and let your words build him! When you affirm him, and remind him how much he is loved, you can be sure he will be an open book to you.


  1. Ask him what he needs.

Most of the time, we think we know what our husbands want. The truth is we don’t. From my marriage, I sometimes find my thoughts totally unaligned with what my husband needs.
So I learnt to ask him, “Hunnie, what do you need?”
There are times he says, “I just need you to sit here with me.”
Learn to ask your husband what he needs.
Use that opportunity to please him, to just be quiet a bit and to listen to him.

  1. Shhh….listen …listen…what do you hear?

I love talking. I talk and can talk too much that my husband doesn’t get time to express himself. I learnt to listen. I had to learn to keep quiet at times, and give him the time to talk too.
You will be amazed how much you will learn!
So today, let him talk.

  1. Watch his favorite show together, and please, be interested.

Just sit down with him today and watch something that he loves to watch. For most, it’s either soccer, basketball or NFL. Sit down anyway and watch with him. Ask him questions about it. Look interested. Do not just dismiss what he finds interesting.
You might just bring him on board to watch those reality shows with you!

  1. Praise him publicly.

Praising him publicly doesn’t mean that it is violating anything. No.
In fact, the world has seen enough dysfunctional marriages so don’t be scared to shower your husband some love.
You don’t know how much this builds him. So get to your Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and tell the world that God indeed has blessed you, instead of always tagging other men!

  1. Go out.

Break the rut and the cycle and go out! Take him to a different restaurant. Try something new. Try a new menu together.

  1. Give yourself to him.

Now, wives, if it will go down in the kitchen so let it be!
Can we just be lovers to our husbands please!
Sometimes making love doesn’t need a lot of planning! Be free around your husband.
Tickle him, tease him, run around the house and make love!
Give yourself freely to your husband.
Remember a perfect marriage just has two very imperfect people who do not give up on their marriage but fight for all, and for each other, with the help of God.

We are John and Mary Munene and we love the Lord! Christ is our all in all! All we are is by God’s grace. Apart from having our individual careers, we are ardent bloggers, authors and misters of God's word. We have been blessed with two amazing children. A beautiful daughter and a handsome son. We love adventure, anything with lots of adrenaline is always a ‘go-thing’ for us! A cup of coffee next to a fireplace and a good book always does good to our souls! Hope you enjoy this blog!


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