For the umpteenth time, we told her the story of Samson and Delilah. She loves hearing that story.

Me: “Samson was a strong man, but he didn’t listen to his Daddy and Mommy. He was told not talk to strangers. Do you talk to strangers’ baby girl?”

Her: “No mommy!”

Hubby: “What do you tell strangers when they tell you to go to them?”

Her: “I tell them NO! NO! NO! and I ran away!”

Me: “Samson, didn’t ran away from Delilah, and she was a bad bad girl…”

The story continues….

The ears.

Samson’s demise came through one conduit, the ears. He did not take heed to his father’s or mother’s instructions. God had consecrated him to be a Nazarite, but it seems as if he took their words too lightly, in fact, God’s word too lightly – so much like the young generation.

We blur and obscure God’s Word, and only run to Him when in trouble. We have itchy ears that only want hear what soothes our deficient hearts and stinking attitudes. We think our parents are archaic and traditional and fail to take their counsel seriously – only until we stumble, then like a prodigal son, we come to ourselves and repent. But the consequences do follow us.

The ears.

The Bible says in Psalms 1:1 that says this: “Blessed is the man who walks not in the counsel of the wicked, nor stands in the way of sinners, nor sits in the seat of scoffers”.

See, much of what we do begins with what was spoken over lives. We heard it and internalized it. The ears are a powerful force over our lives. What we listen to shapes and defines us. If you had parents who always told you that you were worthless, good for nothing a fool, it doesn’t take any magical mix to create that in you. Words are life. You will eventually believe it. What you believe, you behold and what you behold, you eventually become.

You will trudge along life’s path believing those words since they were spoken to you over and over again, till they shaped your identity, inside, out.

The Lord calls us to take heed of what we hear – Mark 4:24. It’s in hearing that our faith is built or destroyed. It’s in hearing that we get encouraged or discouraged. It’s in hearing that we step out, or stagnate. We believe by hearing and consequently, are planted seeds of doubt by hearing.

A person who drifts off from godly counsel, once sat at the scoffers’ seat and fed their ears from their talk. It’s all in what we hear and listen to.

So what do you listen to as a parent?

What do you entertain as a parent in your home?

What songs do your children find you listening to?

What do you allow them to listen to?

What do you speak to them?

God is calling us as parents to filter out excessive baggage and dirt which has nothing to do with the things of the Spirit of God. We need to move from the path of depravity as parents and model Christ to our children by being very intentional with what we listen to, that our children can pick.

We need to seal the loopholes of the enemy by helping our children filter out those ungodly talks, songs, conversations that could derail them from the pathway of Christ.

You might say, “Well, they will go to school and find other children who care less.” Yes, they will never be near us always, but the godly mandate of a parent supersedes that of their school teachers.

God is not calling us to be perfect parents, but intentional praying parents who do the hard work of training up our children in the ways of the Lord. His promise is sure, that when they grow up, they will not depart from itProverbs 22:6. Why? Because it will have taken deep roots in their souls, quietly, yet firmly, convicting them of sin, righteousness and judgement.

Teach them to differentiate between songs that will edify their souls and those might excite (mostly sexual) desires before time.

Teach them about walking away from conversations that don’t build them.

Teach them not to sit among scoffers, and guard their ears against what they talk about.

Teach them to cut from friendships that encourage lack of accountability.

Teach them to guard and filter what goes into them.


Sit down as a family and ask your children what they think about certain songs, programs or talks they hear around. If they are older, you can actually have meaningful conversation about what they hear. Remember to always quote the Word of the Lord.

If they are younger, use songs to teach them.

Talk to them about certain people in the Bible who didn’t listen to mam and daddy and ended up in sin and death, like Samson. Impress on them the Word of the Lord unwaveringly.


Lord Jesus, I thank you for my children once again.

This word always struggles to pull them from your word by trying to scream louder than your quiet gentle voice. Lord Jesus, I once again call upon your mighty and Holy name and cover them by the blood of Jesus Christ.

Help them to know your voice. Like a sheep who has walked close to its Shepherd, help my children to know the difference between the voice of the world and your voice.

Only you can protect them from the influences of this world. Only you can work in them to will and to do ALL for your good pleasure.

Help us to be parents who models your word to them to help them sieve out very word that does not come from you.

In Jesus name,



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We are John and Mary Munene and we…