The Proverbs 31 woman…

PROVERBS 31:10-11
So today I begin the Proverbs 31 woman series after finishing the Proverbs 31 man! Be blessed!
A wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies. Her husband has full confidence in her and lacks nothing of value.
There is a story of a certain man. He asked a billionaire how he became rich, and this was his answer, “Son, kindly leave all this women who smile and flirt with you/ and, find your one jewel, find your rib, you will become rich!”
They say behind every successful man is a woman, trust me, it is more biblical than we think.
Why do I say so, because a virtuous woman, will allow you to take the risks, and she will always be there to catch you if you fall while your were aiming for the starry heaven!
She gives life meaning. She gives wealth meaning. She multiplies it rather than spend it all!
She carries her whole house. Her husband and her children, and carries them more so in prayer!
She is always there! Come what may. She is the constant in the family!
Whether we want to call it an obsession, or we think it is overrated, the bar is set at that.
We cannot change it. All we can ask of the LORD is THAT HE MAKES US BETTER than we are, at the moment.
The Proverbs 31 woman has not been given a name, but her character depicts her as godly woman. A woman whose name precedes her deeds.
She is portrait of an alone woman. i.e. she is unique, and knows her worth! She knows her identity! Knows where she is coming from and forges her way forward with God on her side.
She is “alone” but not lonely! She is a woman who was able to make her home stand. Her husband was praised at the gates and her children saw her as a blessed woman.
The Bible does not refer her to “perfect woman”. No one can be perfect. Only God is. She is a model to emulate. She is of noble character. That means she is upright in her ways, her reputation is not questionable, she is worthy, full of good morals, and ethically, she is right.
A good name is far much more than silver and gold. The Bible says so, and I believe it!
Why? Because a good name makes you trusted.
Imagine if you are known to gamble your money away? Or you are petty thief? Or a socialite perhaps, who can trust you? Who would trust you with their everything without having questions?
But because she is a woman of noble character, the husband trusts in her. He knows she can trust her with his ATM cards and she won’t spend all the money away.
She is a good planner, her husband lacks nothing of value.
That means she knows how to allocate their money or the resources they have according to priority. I know ladies are good impulse buyers! I am not entirely out of the equation, probably she isn’t either.
But, she is not known for her shopping spree tendencies.
She is known because she is a good planner. Placing priority before her wants! Placing her family’s needs before everything else. Making sure no good opportunity passes her way because she spent all the money away. She saves for opportunities!
Take the case of now, the husband trusts her enough with his cash, his credit cards, his ATM cards, HIS ACCOUNTS, his title deeds, his everything. She doesn’t need to drug him to steal his cards! The husband already knows her worth!
She plans when to get a car, when to get a plot/shamba, when to acquire anything that is of value.
She doesn’t struggle to keep up with the Joneses. She knows her home.
It’s unfortunate how ladies nowadays do not know their worth and the only way to get a man is by exposing their bodies, seducing their way to them or simply drug a man and steal.
This lady doesn’t need to show off her body to get the man’s attention. He knew her worth before committing to her. He knew her worth because her character preceded her pretty face and her curvaceous figure.
If the husband lacks nothing of value, what does that mean?
It means he is full of riches! He has the land, the cars, the money, he travels, he lives well, and his health is good. He is mighty in the land! He has everything that has value!
Who made him lack nothing of value? THE LORD through the wife! Therefore, behind every great man is a great woman. You have power to make your husband be wealthy! Wealth is acquired and it’s the Lord who enables us to.
Unfortunately, we have lost the Biblical way of life. We think we need to get married to a man full of cash to make it in life!
Read the Bible my sister! Read the word!
It’s the Lord who gives us the power to make wealth.
Some men need a sister who is so good with handling cash and that would be his ticket to wealth and riches!!
You can start from ground zero up!
You only need to have two people willing to make marriage work! Two people ready to molded by God to be the best for each other! He will grow wealthy through your hands! You can make your husband lack nothing of value!
Her husband is not just a man, but he is a Proverbs 31 man, whose heart and character have been molded by God.
It means he is an astute man, to have such a strong lady! It means he is not controlling, but has given her freedom to add anything of value to the family.
Can your husband say you are far much more than rubies?
Does your husband have full confidence in you?
Are you a good planner?
If you are dating? Does he find you worth more than anything he has? Does he invest time with you?
A man will definitely make time for anything he is interested in. Stop making excuses for someone who cannot reply your to messages 2 days in a row, yet he is within reach!
My sister, ditch the idea that you need a filthy rich man to make it life! The Proverbs 31 woman makes her husband rich and a well re-known man. The power of making him turn straw into gold is in your hands!
Know your worth!
If you are far better than rubies, then you won’t need to wash his underwear before he calls you “my wife!”
If you are far better than rubies, then you will not need to sleep with him so that you can prove your love.
If you are far better than rubies, then you will not look for a man who can give you a lavish life. Instead, you will look for a man with vision and character. Wealth will follow.
A man is not defined by what he has but who he is, and the Proverbs 31 woman knows that.
Proverbs 31 woman continues…
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We are John and Mary Munene and we…