Favor [is] deceitful, and beauty [is] vain: [but] a woman [that] fears the LORD, she shall be praised
Favor (charm) is deceptive and beauty of face is fleeting:
Consider this.
For the lips of a strange woman drop [as] an honeycomb, and her mouth [is] smoother than oil: But her end is bitter as wormwood, sharp as a two-edged sword. Her feet go down to death; her steps take hold on hell. (Proverbs 5:3-5 )
Beauty is amazing and we all love to be called beautiful but isn’t it funny how God doesn’t regard outward beauty?
Isn’t is something to ponder about when he admonishes the men and tells them to run away from strange women?
By strange I mean, a woman who doesn’t have an assignment from the Lord to help you.
A woman who is only after the material things of life. A woman with a perfect body, but a crooked, twisted and deformed heart.
Beauty is not a metric scale for wisdom and goodness in a lady.
If you chose a wife based on her beauty, you are in for a ride.
A perfect body isn’t a caveat for a great marriage.
It’s akin to building a house on a sandy foundation.
A beautiful woman without character is like a gold jewel in a pig’s nose (Proverbs 11:22)
Imagine the stench the of a pig? Yet it has a gold ring on it’s snout! How horrible!
Do not be ruined by the temptations of the flesh. Lusting after the strange woman who will only satisfy you for just but a moment and derail your soul in the long haul.
See beyond her smile and her curvaceous figure.
See beyond the piecing eyes and the sweet mellow voice.
See beyond her gracious struts, see beyond the superficial.
Physical attractiveness doesn’t equate to being a woman of substance or character.
Beauty is only skin deep.
It takes a man in the Lord, to “smell” a strange woman for a far.
More so, it takes a decisive man to cut off all unwanted associations and remain true to the woman the Lord has given him.
Beauty is fleeting, a fading investment that no amount of resources put in would add to the physical value of that slowly “diminishing good.”
Pregnancy will definitely change your body, Sickness will mar your beauty probably leave you scarred, time will take a toll on your face, wrinkles will creep in, Botox won’t hold for long, and soon death will give way.
it’s alright to keep your body in good shape. Work out, eat right and avoid all stressors at all costs, but do invest wisely.
After all is said and done, the one thing that remains, even at the very last moment of life, when your breathing will be labored and the Lord will slowly be embracing you, welcoming you home at his bosom, will be the beautiful soul you had, it’s value and the legacy that you will leave with the one or many lives that you impacted.
The fear of the Lord is the one thing that that even the grave cannot consume.
How beautiful it is to lay and surrender ones life as a woman to the Father.
How beautiful it is to yield oneself at the feet of Jesus.
How beautiful it is to exchange His yoke for your burdens.
How beautiful it is for a man to find you in Christ, for He alone will give you an identity that cannot be vanquished.
A woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.
The Lord orders her steps, and in wisdom she moves.
She sees with the eyes of the Lord.
Her decisions are not rushed for she knows who to consult first.
The Lord is her ultimate teacher. Her help in times of storms.
She will not be shaken, cowed nor be moved by the standards of the world – for she knows that she is in her own class.
A class governed by the principles and precepts of the Lord.
The Lord calms the raging storms in her life, sailing her safe to the shores of glory for the honor of His name.
Her esteem for her marriage is not dependent on her husband, for she submits and loves him as she would to the Lord her savior.
She makes the least of what is gone and most of what is to come.
She lives a life of faith, in everything.
She has the word to keep her in check, asking herself, “what would Jesus expect me to do?”
The word of the Lord is her bond.
Be careful to do a check on her Mr.
Let’s start with the superficial.
Is she attractive to you? What do you love most about her?
Then dig further. Does she love the Lord? Is she devoted to the Lord? Does she know the word? Is she rigid or with teachable spirit?
How does she take correction from you and from the word of God? How does she handle a rebuke from you and from the word of God?
Is she willing to make changes in her life in the areas that she’s weak in?
Does she make changes after you have talked, making baby steps at a time? How is her prayer life? Does she do ministry or not? How are her values? What does she value most about herself?
Does her life match her prayers? Does she exude what she believes in?
Look for a woman who reveres Christ in all her ways.
And Miss. Do not attempt compromise to win his love. He will invest in you for sure if he wants to be with you. For building requires two. It’s better one day in the courts of the Lord than a thousand elsewhere; You would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of God than dwell in the tents of the wicked.
Charm is deceitful, beauty is vain but a lady who fears the Lord is to be praised.

We are John and Mary Munene and we love the Lord! Christ is our all in all! All we are is by God’s grace. Apart from having our individual careers, we are ardent bloggers, authors and misters of God's word. We have been blessed with two amazing children. A beautiful daughter and a handsome son. We love adventure, anything with lots of adrenaline is always a ‘go-thing’ for us! A cup of coffee next to a fireplace and a good book always does good to our souls! Hope you enjoy this blog!

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We are John and Mary Munene and we…