The ears are a window to the heart.

What we listen to goes directly into our souls.

Most of the times, our opinions are shaped by what we hear.
Our behaviors were manufactured a long time ago in the factory of listening.
In the ocean of words, lives were created, dreams were made, visions were shuttered and battles were won.

Words can inspire, rekindle, ignite, build and CREATE. They can also ruin, start wars, destroy, dismember relationships, and bring death.

Let’s speak life into our children. They might not have turned out to be what we wanted but our words are spirit and life. A word can go into the future and change the destiny. Words break chains. They deliver. They conquer!

Tell them you love them, that you are proud of them. Be their number one fan. Speak life into their little ears. Cheer them up, loudly are the rooftops.

Teach them the right way of living by being an example in speech and deeds.

Protect them from negative talks, relationships, media and anything that might uproot the good work that you have toiled to cultivate in their souls.

Do your part, God will never fail you.



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