11. Annoyance at your spouse for the norm.

“What are you doing? ”
“What is your problem? ”
“I don’t need your help! ”
“I know what am doing! “

12. Intimacy gets lost in marriage.

Communications previously beginning with “dear,” “honey,” or” sweetheart” no longer happen.

Touching, caressing, fondling, kissing, and eye contact are thing of the past.

You find yourself bitter with other couples who seem to still be on the track of intimacy.

13. You complement others more than your spouse.

“She’s really smart! ”
“I love that woman! ”
“I love how she dresses. She’s a true definition of a woman! “

“He’s so strong and incredibly manly. ”
“I love how he smiles. ”
“He’s such a gentleman.”

14. Inability or unwillingness to see your spouses viewpoint or your pain.

“So you didn’t get the promotion.” What’s the big deal?”

“Why are you so moody when the boss yells?We all get yelled at! “

“Suck it up. Everybody has problems.”
“Everyone gets tired, you are not the first.”

15. Disregarding and dismissing your spouses thoughts or opinions.

“That’s a very stupid idea.”
“That will never work.” “What do you know about it anyway?”
“You really don’t know what you are talking about.”
“You can’t pull that successfully!”
“Can’t you ask him/her, he is much better than you. “

16. Disinterested in each other activities, affairs, goals, achievements or simple trials.

“You want to start a business, what’s your qualification?”
“That is way above you, start small.”
“Acting? It’s not in you.”
“You are better of watching, than participating.”

17. An appearance of accusations that you can’t do anything right.

“No matter what it is you do, you make a mess of it.” “Can’t you do anything right?”
“You are simply bad luck.”
“I don’t think I can trust you with this project. “

18. Significant increase in arguments over finances or other serious issues.

“You are spending too much money on personal things.”
“You are spending too much on your car.”
“My credit card reads zero, did you buy things again?”
“I found out that you sent money to your relatives without telling me.”

19.Disappearance of former thoughtful gestures and gifts.

“It’s just a stupid birthday! Who cares? ”
“I can’t waste money on petty things like cards. ”
“I don’t want to look weak, only weak men do such.”
” I still have to look tough, my wife needs to know am the man. “

20. No more expressions of mutual admiration and praise.

No more, “You look especially beautiful today.” or “I love your hair like that.”
No more, “You are a marvelous wife.”
No more, “I love your cooking – (even if you are most terrifying and terrible cook!)
No more , “You are an amazing husband! I am so blessed to have you in my life.”

21. The “I” factor.

“I’ve decided we should sell the house and move into an apartment.”
“I have decided that we have to have 5 kids, not 3.”
“I have bought a car.”
“I am… I am. “

22. ” I will Not! “

“I will not be your slave, you can as well find yourself a maid. ”
“I will not take your crap anymore! ”
“I will not go. ”
“I will not take instructions from you. “


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We are John and Mary Munene and we…