Every day I ask myself; Am I giving my family the best, or am I giving it leftovers?
The world can really drain every bit of you…. Your career may be demanding.  Spending the bulk of your time at work meeting targets and making an impression. Coming home late and leaving at the first cockcrow! 
Maybe it’s your own company and you want it to gather momentum. Maybe it’s your first job and you really want to be in your best behavior. Could be you are lobbying for a promotion or pay rise. But my question is; Are you giving the world your best and taking home what is left? Careers can be ended with one stroke of a pen. 
Business and projects can go under in a minute. What will be left is you and your family. Don’t get me wrong, whatever you do, work at it as though you are working for God. Leave an inheritance to your children’s children by all means. It’s very a noble thing to do.
All I am saying is that what matters most is the first ministry that God has given us.  FAMILY! Cherish it. Love your spouse. Bring up your children in the way of Truth. Create memories. Inculcate godly values and virtues. Give it your best and give the rest to anything else that comes second to your family. After all, when all is said and done, family will be there by your side.

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