Daddy today is so quiet. Probably because I can’t bear the news of knowing that you are lying somewhere lifeless and I won’t ever see you again.
I held your hand the previous day and sang “It is well with my soul”.
You hummed. Even with your oxygen on, I heard you hum.
We prayed and you said, “am alright “, before Pashy joined me.
I can’t believe that I won’t hear you say, “You are blessed, be bold my daughter !”
You were the first man who told me that am beautiful. You said am pretty and no man should tell me otherwise.
You loved inspecting my hair and Pashy’s to make sure “tuko tops ” as you said.
I still go to the salon often daddy.
Pashy does her nails religiously, and mammy loves shopping.
You will still be the most important man in Davy’s life.
You showed him how to draw when he was very young.
He picked it up and kaizened.
You were proud that he got to study architecture.
4 years ago, you walked me down the aisle.
You promised me that you will do all to make the wedding successful.
It was as though it was your wedding.
You didn’t complicate anything for us.
The rurachio turned out to be a birthday!
I remember you and mam telling me to go build my home.
That I took after you in being too bold and assertive, but now that am becoming a wife, I should learn to submit.
I didn’t know how but I learnt.
With your guidance and mam, and the Lord, you told me that you are proud of the wife I have become.
Daddy, it’s was day 5.
I had began another series.
“A prayer a day for our husbands”.
I knew you read my posts for you were always on the net, and my Facebook friend too.
You encouraged me to write and laughed at some of my posts too.
Somehow am lost between taking a pause or continuing…but I somehow know what you would have me do, so I will put it up anyway.
Daddy, you were just not my dad, you were my great friend too, and to all of us.
People say that you shouldn’t let your parents know some issues you be having in your family, but I had no other place to source from.
You accepted My hubby as your son, and counselled him without being biased.
We never used to plan visits.
We would just show up, “surprise!!!” , and you loved it.
It’s unique and rare and I thank you for accepting him.
Daddy you were unending well of wisdom.
You gave my hubby and I blueprints and showed us how to manoeuvre this terrain called “marriage”.
I could call you anytime, and you would stop your businesses, get off a meeting, just to attend to me.
Your office was my photocopy place in campus.
You even gave me your laptop, to use in Campus! You said my education comes first.
I remember that hug you gave me when we first broke up with My hubby then.
You told me, “A Man has got to answer tough questions, if he can’t, let him go! ”
Haha! But am glad you ended up entrusting him with your life too in your last moments.
You showed me how a man should treat a lady by how you loved mam.
You two were best of friends.
You tickled mam, carried her around in our presence.
Guys joked about how the two of you are always together buy you cared less.
You loved mam.
You loved her with that love only Christ can give.
You gave her a fine life, provided for her salon and always chose her hairstyle. You made her buy clothes and handbags more than you did.
You gave us an awesome life.
Took us to the best schools.
Told us to be serious with our education!
At 50 you got your masters!
Even in lack, you told us it wasn’t our job to worry about money. It was yours.
You only wanted us to excel in our academics.
I remember the hours of conselling, until the hunger pangs disappear.
The first time my hubby experienced your “counselling sessions”, he almost fainted from hunger!
You could start just before we said a prayer for our supper and could continue till 3am in the morning!
I remember making us do “mjengo” and you would pay us 50 shillings for every wheelbarrow of “kokoto “, we transported.
Davy used to wake up early and book the wheelbarrow!
Pashy and I would use spades and buckets!
Still we did the “mjengo”.
In the evening, we lined up for our pay…
Minimum was 200 shillings.
You made us dig and plant in Nyahururu.
You made us uproot all weeds and plant new grass in our compound.
You said you can’t hire painters, that we should learn how to paint our houses.
You taught me how to mix paint and turpentine, or paint and water.
You taught us how to dilute juice.
You taught us how to harvest maize, dry it out and store it.
Christmas and birthdays were never forgotten. Actually even Moi day and Madaraka day!
When pissed, you beat us, but gave us a reason why, then you didn’t send us to our rooms.
You insisted that we should sit there and smile at you!!!
Ridiculous ha! ..but now I know why.
You didn’t want to encourage the idea of “getting pissed at your parents for correcting you! ”
Daddy you were exceptional.
The epitome of a man!
Daddy my heart is breaking in pieces.
You were so a fast man! Sorting us out ASAP.
Mam would say, “Pashy na Mary wanataka pesa za salon” , and your question was, “ngapi? ”
We would need laptops and instead you get us mainframes!
Take us out for vacation!
Daddy my heart is breaking.
You set a bar too high, I couldn’t settle for anything less than what you had shown me what a man should be.
You loved Jesus.
You had that small book showing us how our hearts are without Christ!
Told us, ” You see, if you aren’t in Christ, your heart has a snake, rats, bla bla bla “, we ended up getting saved daily!
You prayed for us, anointed us, and sang hymns with us every evening.
Daddy I remember you stopped taking me to school in university!
You told me that you will stop it when I get under another authority ie get married.
You didn’t care entering those hostels while the janitors kept screaming “hii ni hostel ya wasichana! ”
You told them, “mimi Sio kijana, mimi ni mzazi!”
You fanned our talents. Bro is so good with the instruments, and drawing.
Pashy is such a planner and administrator, and well daddy, you knew I could talk and talk,and told me, “speak out!”
You broke all the “man rules” because.
You cooked every week for us.
You changed our sheets.
You washed us.
You never forgot our birthdays.
You threw away our tattered underwear and insisted that we should be clean because “fungus thrive in unclean areas”,hahaha.
You took selfies, and pictures, said it was important to keep memories- we got that from you.
You were there for us 24/7.
You never forgot to pay bills.
Everything was done on time.
Mam was always “maisha London!”
She didn’t even know where tokens are bought from!
Hers was to cook, care for you and us, dress up, wear her heels and lipstick and be a warrior woman in prayer!
Whatever you began, had to be cleared, and done perfectly!
Daddy my heart is breaking.
You insisted on family values. We had to eat TOGETHER! Pray TOGETHER! Go shopping TOGETHER!
You said family is everything.
You said the success of a man is defined by how his family is.
Daddy you knit us to tight.
You brought us together.
You didn’t favour anyone.
You gave us equal and the same opportunities.
Pushed us towards success while not compromising on the family unity.
How could you forget the holidays. You made us read books before joining the next class .
Scheduled even exams for us!
You were our invigilator! ??
During all my miscarriages, you kept telling me that the Lord will give me so many babies.
I cried and you embraced me.
In the hospital you held our baby and said, ” I told you so! ”
The Lord knows that we will miss you.
We will miss your jokes.
We will miss the tickles you gave mam!
We will miss being tickled by you.
We will miss the firm handshake.
We will miss hugging your big belly.
We will miss you daddy.
We will miss you sending us a newspaper, everyday.
We will miss your unending counselling sessions.
We miss you holding our hands.
We will miss your categorical voice when you want something done.
We will miss how you never simplified any milestone.
We will miss the motivation you used to give us as your family.
Making us work so hard because you kept promising us mooonieeee!!! And NEVER DID YOU FORGET!
All I pray is that mam will be alright.
She has lost her best friend, her confidant, her lover and a wonderful husband.
We have lost our daddy, our inspiration, our mentor, a father to us and a great friend.
Our anchor and rock.
Lord grant mam peace.
Lord grant us peace.
Jesus, the healer of broken hearts, heal us.??

We are John and Mary Munene and we love the Lord! Christ is our all in all! All we are is by God’s grace. Apart from having our individual careers, we are ardent bloggers, authors and misters of God's word. We have been blessed with two amazing children. A beautiful daughter and a handsome son. We love adventure, anything with lots of adrenaline is always a ‘go-thing’ for us! A cup of coffee next to a fireplace and a good book always does good to our souls! Hope you enjoy this blog!

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We are John and Mary Munene and we…