The trajectory of your success and well being as a husband is directly proportional to the environment you cultivate in your home.
Your relationship with, first, your wife and then your children matters. How you selflessly give yourself to these wonderful beings will determine the family atmosphere.

To start with, you and your wife are one flesh. It’s not your idea but God’s divine plan for the marriage institution. How the members of a body symbiotically work in harmony, taking care of each other and minding their individual actions and how they affect the other matters.

A man and his wife do not become one flesh instantaneously! It is a gradual but steady process. It all starts with getting together for a common good; to build a relationship that will culminate in a healthy marriage.

It involves intertwining dreams, visions, hopes and purposes to bring about a unified worthy course. The ideal place for this to be tilled and cultivated is the courtship phase!

You court and entertain each others’ ideas about where you want to be in the future.

You court each others’ expectations and find a common ground.

You court each others’ faith and purpose.

You court their way of life and come up with the great merger.

You court her personality and embed it in yours.

You start becoming one in mind, direction, faith and vision before you become one flesh!

Becoming one flesh is just the icing on the cake.

But nowadays, we want to climb the mountain from the top. We don’t want to go through the montage forests, the bamboo forests, timberline forests, the heath lands and so forth.

We are just interested in the ice at the top of the mountain.

We fail to understand that a mountain has different vegetation and for your to survive, you must learn them and know their characteristics in every season.

When we are blindly led by the cookie, the cleavage, the curves, the tush, the charms and the succulent lips, we fall into a ditch that most of us never recover at all.

We start wondering whether there’s anything good in her when the craving and the excitement fizzles out. We say that she wasn’t a wife material. She wasn’t a keeper. But we are the ones who were wrong from the beginning. Whatever we seek, we find!

When you pursue seasonal things, soon they will are out of season, the interest will fade away and you will begin to look for other drives.

We have to look deeper into the enduring principles in a woman.

Those that will overcome all the storms and seasons of life.

The attributes that are denudation proof!

It’s more rewarding if you court her for two years than live a life of misery.

So invest in the real deal. Not cheap fake seasonal stuff. A time of testing will come and anything that won’t withstand the refining fire will be turned into ashes. Any castle made of sand will be swept away.



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