Shepherding a Child’s Heart series – Disciplined Discipline

We all want children that are disciplined. With discipline, you can achieve almost anything. Without it, you are like a leaf in the ocean, tossed from left to right, following the currents, aimlessly. 

Discipline teaches us to say no to the wrong unnecessary things that make us lose our focus. It teaches us to say yes to the right things. It follows the way of the truth. 
Show me a successful man and I will show you a disciplined endeavour. It teaches us to delay gratification for a greater good. It says ‘pay now, play later’.

Self control is at the heart of discipline. It helps us tame our desires, cravings and wants. 

I have come to realise that the difference between an obese man and a well chiseled lean young chap is nothing else but a decision to eat right and stay healthy. Given a level ground, difference between a great scholar and a dunderhead is nothing but discipline.

With it, there is consistency, determination and success. 

How many times do you make resolutions, especially at the beginning of the year and come 1st of April, you realise that you fooled yourself, again? 

It is in the record that most gym subscriptions are done in January and the attendance dwindles as the months trickle. 
It’s a fact that most savings accounts are opened in January but fail to sustain the minimum balance as the year unfolds. Sad, isn’t it? 

Children learn how do be disciplined from their parents, not in learning institutions! They are not taught, they learn. Learning is a process. They do so through observation. 

When you teach water and drink wine, they ain’t dumb! Their time is coming to drink that wine, on your face. They decipher your actions (not your vain scoldings and talks) and imprint them in their minds fast and with permanence. 
In a nutshell, if you are an indisciplined parent, lower your expectations on your kids too. 

I know you drop them to church (to be religious and sane) as you go on with your day but be rest assured when they will be old enough to make their own independent decision, they won’t go to church neither. 

While you tiptoe to your bedroom at 0500Hrs thinking they won’t hear you, you are in for a rude shock in the near future.

 When you batter your wife in the bedroom, they are recording every whip.

They are constantly being shaped by how you treat each other in your home. 
C’mon, you don’t want to be that parent that says; Do as I say and not Do as I do!

When you introduce them to a loving God, make sure you are a loving parent to them and more importantly, to your spouse. 
The best discipline you can give to your children is by being disciplined.

Let them imitate a live example. 

When growing up, I used to love the way my dad was always neat, clean and had his clothes pressed. He used to polish his shoes almost daily. They shone even in darkness, hahaa! He was no doubt the best well dressed man in our village. This shaped my idea of a man’s outlook. My wife will tell you of our first fights in marriage. They were all about hanging my shirts in a particular way in the wardrobe. God forgive me… 

The other day in the office, I asked a small boy, who was accompanied by his uncle, whom he would like to be when he grew up. Surprisingly, he didn’t want to be like his daddy, who has a good career. He wanted to be like his uncle. I later came to learn that though his uncle had an inferior job as compared to the daddy, he took good care of him and was his best friend. His daddy spent most of his free time in the clubs with the bottle and rarely came home sober. Quite bizarre but the sad reality. 

Every parent has a responsibility to radiate the right light not only to self but to the children under them.
We are the first role models of our children 

Children’s are just an extension of who were are. Our beliefs, their beliefs. Our culture, their culture. Our faith, their faith.Our respect, their respect.Our preferences, their preferences. 
It doesn’t matter how many times you correct, lecture, teach, punish or scold them. It is meaningless is you lack individual parental discipline. 
Lest we forget, whatever we exemplify, they become.



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