Shepherding a Child’s Heart series – On Storytelling

Have you ever wondered why children love stories?
Ever asked yourself why reading to them a bedtime story gives them away to sleep faster than a lullaby?
Wonder no more!

The right brain of a child interacts and engages more than the left brain. This is why at one time, your 4 year old is overly excited about a lollipop and in the snap of a finger, turns into an emotional wreck.

Basically, the right brain is all about feelings, raw emotions and bodily sensations while the left brain deals with numbers, things and logic.

Storytelling gives meaning to emotions and feelings.
It helps the right brain understand why something happened and eventually deal with the emotion.

In a nutshell, the left brain calms the right brain! What a divine balance!

When there’s turmoil and hurricanes in the right hemisphere, the surest way to tone it down is to give meaning to the storm.
That’s where storytelling comes in.

A child’s heart is calmed down by giving meaning to what is happening around it.
It helps a child understand the ‘whys’ in life.

It is such a powerful tool that Biblical principles and values are instilled through this manner.
I still remember the Bible stories I learnt in Sunday school, more than three decades ago.

There was always a lesson to be learnt with every Bible story. The Sunday school teacher would never forget to mention ‘the moral of the story’ at the end of every undertaking.
We loved those episodes and couldn’t wait for the next Sunday.

If you want your child to grow in the way of the Lord, tell a Bible story according to its level of understanding.

Let them know that there is God, Jesus Christ and the angels.
Help them understand the consequences of evil actions and sin.

Teach them what is right or wrong.

Story your way through their minds.

Keep at it until they can tell the story to another.
Ignite the fire already!

The same applies to good mannerism.
There’s no better way to teach this than to create a metal picture on their minds about the consequences of ill mannerism.
Read them the Bible stories while going to bed. Better yet, read them besides their beds.

Let them understand the meaning of life while they go to sleep from a biblical perspective.

Calm their world with the Word.

Relate the day’s incidences with the appropriate bible stories.
This helps their world make sense.

Behaviours are fashioned in this arena.
Courses are taken during such times.
Minds are changed, emotions and feelings are redirected to the right path.
Tantrums diminish with every seed of understanding.

Faith is built.

A culture is formed.

Character is molded.

It is work and you must not fail to be faithful at it.
Sometimes let them tell their stories. It will shed more light on their level of understanding and knowledge. This is a requisite ingredient for the next interaction.

So go ahead and ‘once upon a time’ your child. Let them learn the precepts that their direly need in this ever-changing world.



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