Shepherding a Child’s Heart series – Standing besides, then above.

We have a High Priest. His name is Jesus Christ. He came, bore our sins and weaknesses, was tempted in every way, and conquered all.
He represents us to the Father.

He came and lived a normal human life, though He was God, in order to restore our broken relationship with God.
He came to redeem us back to the Father.
He understands us.
He knows we are weak. The human flesh is weak.
He knows sometimes we do foolish and childish things.
But He identifies with our shortcomings.


He came down to our level of limited understanding. Went through what we go through everyday and now, He is seated at the Right Hand of the Father, mediating between us and God.

Parenting is a heavenly mandate.
Parents are God’s agents.

Agents act on behalf of the one who sent them.

Borrowing from the example of Christ, we must inevitably seek to understand our children in the face of sin.

We must stoop!

Most of the times, children lack deep understanding of the consequences of their actions and moreover, do not know how to express themselves.
Most of their expressions are symptoms of hidden conditions and issues of the heart.

Standing besides (seeking to understand) before standing above (admonishing, correcting and disciplining) is at the heart of shepherding a child.

This approach provides a friendly engagement which helps you to get to the core of the matter. Children open up when you come from the sides instead of coming from above!

They respond more to a horizontal approach.

By so doing, you nurture the child in developing the vital skills of expression when faced by failure and misfortunes. This also builds up the self-reflective mind that is able to trace back the reason behind actions. It also fortifies self awareness as well as consciousness.

When you get to the heart of the matter, only then can you redirect and give guidance where applicable.
It is beneficial for you if you act from a point of knowledge rather than a premise of speculation and guessing.

Parent-child friendships are born from this.
Your child will never hesitate to tell you about how s/he feels if they know that they will be understood and not judged.

Sometimes, standing besides them means opening up about your own shortcomings or mistakes. It’s okey not to appear perfect before your children.
The goal is to present to them an imperfect world and a perfect God.

Tell them how you conquered fear.
Show them how you overcame peer pressure.
Narrate the stories of your life.
Create a bond that will last a lifetime.

Sometimes we are so focused on what we want of our children and forget what the really need from us, friendship and above all, love.

They tap from the love we have towards our spouses and our love for them.

Love is brewed in friendship.

It gives them stability, mental fortitude, emotional intelligence, self-esteem and confidence.
This in turn raises adults who are not needy, desperate and hopeless but independent, confident and mature.



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