When I first saw her, I knew she had something special – something that no other gal had or would ever have.
She had what I was looking for – a suitable helper.

She was beautiful, young, outgoing,talented, anointed, lover of fine things in life, focused, sexy, fun to be with, wild, and above all, she loved the Lord.
She had the all the right things in the right places – character, great resolve, foresight, chastity, determination, integrity, trust and hardworking.

I could see us 50 years down the line together! There was a great future written all over her face every time she smiled.
Finally I had met the woman of my dreams.

5 years later, I couldn’t stand her going to her father’s home and so we made a home for ourselves! This was after a heart-throbbing session of exchanging the vows. The rest is history as we write it with every sunrise.

Today I woke up in the morning and looked at my sleeping angel. She was still beautiful to my eyes. Irresistible. I wanted to wake her up but didn’t want to spoil her last precious 30 mins of sleep.

We have walked together through the seasons in life – from singleness to courtship to wedding preparations to transition into marriage and settling down.
All these seasons brought a different woman in out of her.

In one season, she was the manager, in another, a caregiver. Some seasons she was the voice of reason, some she needed a shoulder to lean on.
There were seasons of lack and seasons of abundance but she firmly held the family together.

When I look at her today, a see a keeper, a servant of God, I see a mother.
I see resilience.
I see a nurturer.
I see her through the prism of companionship, commitment and above all, love.
She is still as wild as she was, but more courteous.

She’s submissive, which is one of her best qualities.

You see when I first met her, all I could see were blurred images of what she would become but now everything is crystal clear.
The picture has been revealed in a billion pixels.

She is finer, better and still loves her stiletto shoes. She is virtuous and I must admit I got more than I bargained for.
She’s is not just the woman I fell in love with but the woman I painted the future with.

Marriage is an institution for growth.
It’s a refining arena.
It’s the place where the self dies for the sake of a better you.
One stops focusing on himself or herself and begins to look into the needs of the other person. I call it growing up!

There’s no room for rigidity, otherwise you will break!
Having a teachable heart will go a long way in holding everything together.
Holding firmly your convictions will leave you miserable and lonely.

When a husband and wife submit to each other and ultimately to God, the marriage works.

Focus shifts.

Growth happens.

Gifts blossom.

And God is glorified!


  • Joan Saitoti

    A breath of fresh air in this day and age…..keep it going

  • Faith

    I like how God is at the centre of it all in your writing. Keep writing, you are a breathe of fresh air and hope to the marriage institution.

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