Time spent with family is worthy to be treasured.
Let me ask you; How often do you take some time off just to be with your one and only?
Do you take an off from work to supervise a project and you can’t take one for a vacation with your spouse?
Do you plan for an easy weekend away from the hustle and bustle of the city life for just the two of you?
When was the last time you did this?
Trust me it only takes a little effort.

A little effort of just mindful of each other’s needs.
Sometimes work, commitments and responsibilities can get the best of you.
Sometimes ministry work too!
Maybe you are an employee, a business person, a hustler, a pastor, a soldier, a policeman, a contractor, an entertainer, a student, a casual worker, a driver, a doctor, a nurse………………the space left is you who I haven’t mentioned.
Yes you have paid the bills, tuition fees and club memberships for your kids.
You have bought a new dress for her. You have bought new clothes for the kids, their toys (whether big or small) and fed them well. You have given your family a secure home.
But don’t be deceived that you have done all.
It’s not yet time to rest easy and sit on that couch and grab the remote control and some popcorns.
That’s only a role you played right there Mr.!
Marriage is about being intentional in small and big things.
It’s about getting out of your way for the other person.
Going that extra mile to fulfill their unseen needs and touch their heart.
Addressing the spiritual and emotional needs of your spouse is as important as paying the bills. Arguably, more important. Every marriage has a love bank.
You can either deposit into it and watch the bank grow, or you can be withdrawing from it until it’s depleted and have nothing left but an empty safe house.
You can deposit acts of kindness, they pay good returns.
Deposit fruitful communication, care, tenderness, warmth, joy, forbearing, emotional and physical intimacy, exclusivity, faithfulness, trust, love, understanding, peace, support and all sorts of good things and you will have a good marriage and a wonderful family at the end of it all.
Anytime you make withdrawals, you choke life out of your love nest.
If a man does not love his wife, he withdraws from the love bank its biggest investment!
If he does not live in understanding with his wife her, he crumbles down what has been established.
If he provokes his children to anger, he depletes the bank.
If the wife does not submit with love, she starves the love bank.
Ending up in a boring unfruitful marriage.
So purpose to be intentional! Make deposits and more deposits. Watch them grow exponentially!
And enjoy the richness of a Godly marriage.
Remember no marriage is perfect, but when you make it work it really does. So work it out. You are better, stronger, more productive and warmer together. Remember, Two are better than one!! He said it!

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