It’s easy for a man to lay back and sit easy when confronted by situations that he can’t understand.
Many men retract into their dens when at the face of calamity.
Some men find their asylum in their caves where they can be comfortable – a place of pseudo peace.
By doing this, the man has unknowingly relinquishes his role in the family and the society at large.
He is no longer in control of his emotions, drives, hunger and thirst.
He is not a master of his own self.
Greed, lust, covetousness, competition, desire for dominance and power become his daily dose.
To satisfy these, he lands into more problems, more debts, gets more foes in pursuits of his desires. He in turn gets more regrets, bears more children who suffer for the sins of their father.
He encounters more failures, suffers more rejection and his self can only be described as “decayed.”
The family unit is no longer a source of strength, a place of character molding, physical and spiritual nourishment, security and comfort.
The man has gone AWOL!
Is there a way back? Is there a way of regaining the initiative?
Can we redeem the lost opportunities?
Yes we can.
Every man can.
I am reminded of Jacob. He tricked his brother Esau with some red pottage, and took his (Esau) birthright and consequently his blessings.
He fled afterwards just like many men do.
He feared that his brother would kill him.
He ran to Padan Aram.
Hid there for a few decades and got a family of his own.
But a time came when he had to confront his greatest undoing.
He had to go back home and reconcile with his brother.
It took much effort and meticulous planning. To cut the long story short, he made peace with his past.
There comes a time when you need to make peace with God, yourself and man.
There comes a time, when you shed off your pride and lay down your crown and make peace with your spouse.
The man needs to take the initiative to bridge the gap between him and his wife.
The man needs to truthfully confess and make amends for his wrongs.
The time for blame game gets over.
Get out of your comfort zone and make peace with your spouse.
A family flourishes when there is peace and unity.
Reconciliation is inevitable. The earlier you do it, the better for you and your family. Take the Lead!
Marriage works but it’s work.
Work, work and more work.
It’s not for the faint hearted.
It’s not for the weak.
It’s not for the selfish egocentric men.
It’s for the men who take the lead!!

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