The Danger of Winning too SOON!

Isn’t it funny how we want all at once?

We desire things and wish they would just happen in a snap – pap and viola!

We are already past the midpoint of year 2022. This reminds me of the many ambitious resolutions we make in January to only fulfill none. We envision great things and forget that a vision is a process. It is birthed from a sober premise of knowledge and faith.

Hope, determination, consistency and God are the signboards along the journey of realization of the vision. Sometimes, many times, almost all the time, always, a vision it will cost you!

It might cost you sleepless nights, burn the midnight oil and bypass little pleasures to nurture it. The process of becoming, nurturing and subduing is one to be coveted by all. In appreciating the process, you learn the art of submission and total surrender to the purpose.

You imbibe a sense of respect for your gains.

If it costs you, you will honor it.

The prodigal son (in the Bible) treated with contempt his inheritance since he received it without a price tag. When he asked for his rightful portion from the father, he lacked the mental fortitude of appreciating the gift.

It was an easy gain – like winning a lottery.

He therefore despised it.

He didn’t know that what he asked for, if not well nurtured, would make him dine with swines. It almost costed his life. The turning point was when he came to himself, and went back to his father’s house.

Esau despised his birthright just because his tummy was rumbling with hunger.

This costed him his inheritance and so much more. I bet you know the story. Instant gratification with eternal ramifications.

Closer home but on another note, in the same breathe, I see the alike danger in dating apps. Staggering statistics show that in the US alone, there are more than 2,500 dating sites which translate to 50 million users every year. I haven’t mentioned other parts of the globe yet. The dating sites and apps have reduced the degree of human interaction by 40 percent. This is serious and scary.

Many men don’t have the guts to sit down a woman and sell their vision. They don’t want to die through to something that can’t be lost.

They want to ‘get it quick and fast’, touch and go!

Same applies to porn sites. The number of annual subscriptions to fans only porn sites is equally astonishing. No one wants to appreciate the value of solid social interaction. By doing so, we end up waking up with strangers the morning after.

Some end up marrying strangers!

Trouble awaits trouble befalls.

I came to the realization that porn encapsulates the desire for companionship with the desire for sexual gratification. This kind of gratification is selfish and detrimental to the individual. Consequently, for a man, his sexual drive and positive dopamine is lost.

As a result, productivity, focus and consistency dwindle. What next – a depressed weak man.

The allure of winning too soon or better said, instant gratification is not your friend. Haven’t you observed it in wealth creation as well as parenting?

If you allow me to add substance to the latter, I hereby submit the following:

When a child gets whatever they want whenever they want, the future is dim.

If we don’t teach our children the value of waiting, fervently praying and patiently enduring, they might miss on such values as hardwork, consistency, tolerance and forbearance. When we train them that they can still have fun without acquiring what the neighbour has, they will learn to appreciate that we are all different and that is our uniqueness – and be contented with what God has given them. They will attach their gratification to things instead of moments and relationships.

Ever seen someone addicted to gambling?

Always betting his total earnings and his kidney? Many, if not all, don’t want to toil or be employed for whatever kind of labour. They would rather work on probabilities and luck. Hoping to one day they will, by luck, win big and upgrade their lifestyle.

This is the enticement of winning too soon. But does it pay? Can it sustain a family? A lifestyle? Just asking.

Again, the enchantment to winning too soon has made us inject ourselves with all kinds of losing weight treatments – from creams to pills to injections. More often than not, these treatments end up messing our hormones and certain vital body systems.

No one wants to have and follow a meal plan. The gyms are not an option because they take you away from your comfort zone. Our dopamine tells us to try the easy pill way – and then it messes us up big time.

Lucifer was full of greed and wanted to win too soon. And so was Judas and Hitler.

Take your life back!

You deserve better.

The easy shortcut is always booby trapped.

It will mess you up.

Appreciate the process of becoming.

It might not be easy – it’s not supposed to be.

Remember the best sailors are not made on calm seas.

A warrior is not made in his mother’s house but in the war zone.

Get out of your comfort zone.

The same applies to marriage.

A lavish wedding and good looks won’t sustain a marriage. It takes God and an intentional positive attitude to make it flourish.

Wedding vows and the ring are not a sign of winning but a spectacle of commitment. So don’t sit and celebrate that the cold won’t sting you anymore. The battle for your marriage has just began. Wake up. Commitment is a life-long endeavour.

Delete the dating apps. Go on a real date with the objective of building a solid relationship that is mutually beneficial, negating selfish gains. Get to know someone before you say ‘I do’.

Unsubscribe from dating and porn sites.

‘Left’ the groups with nudity and sexual innuendos. Opt out from the social groups with betting tips but nothing else to show.

You are better off without them.

Get on with your dissertation and defend your thesis!

Quit the rat race.

Grow and appreciate small wins.

Congratulate yourself for every observable change.

If the magnificent Rome wasn’t built in a day, why do you want to build a magnificent you in an instant.

Walk the journey and endure the valleys.

Refuse the temptation of winning too soon.



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