The FOUR persons of a Man #Part-4

The Husband

Before a man finds his spouse, it is essential that he finds his purpose.

Purpose is a prerequisite of marriage.
A man who is married to his purpose is ready to marry a suitable woman.

The suitable helper only comes to augment his efforts and purpose. She finds him moving and automatically, she picks up the pace.

If a man cannot commit to his purpose, he won’t commit to anyone or anything.

The reason why purpose is very important in a man’s life is because it gives him the drive.
Purpose disciplines a man to maintain a particular aim, in and out of season, whether he likes it or not.

It tames desires and cravings.
It keeps him focused.
Purpose builds character and strengthens fruitful relationships.

It helps man build his frame.

Many ladies are trapped in marriages, with no way out, because the man has forgotten his purpose, making him stagnant and directionless.
It is frustrating for a woman to be under the cover of a man who hasn’t figured out what he really wants in life.

An unsettled man should be avoided, any day.

A husband is a man who lives in understanding with the wife.
The Word tells us so.
If I may use my own words, a husband is a man who has embraced the femininity of his wife.
This does not make him weak, but rather, empowers him.

It’s one thing to know a woman but to understand, its another.
Many of us men chest thump how we know women but sadly, only a few live in understanding with their wives.

God wired them differently, but it was not by mistake.

They complement our manhood.

Sometimes I look at my wife and I see the perfection of God’s work in my life. I mean, how could I have done life just as a man?
It would be an empty and boring life.

A wife is a gift from God.

She comes as a fully loaded package. With understanding, a man unpacks her to enjoy the gift of marriage. Sometimes it takes a lifetime to unravel all the mysteries of her femininity.
Sometimes, a lifetime is not enough.

As a husband, I become her priest, prophet, lover and warrior.
She becomes that friend that sticks with you through thick and thin.
This means we must offer a conducive environment for her to thrive.

It’s our duty to keep the fire burning.
Thrill mode becomes the new normal.
After child bearing, its our duty to get her back in shape in all aspects of her life.

A husband loves the wife, nourishes her and brings out the woman in her.

He does not disrespect her, but with gentleness, treats her as a weaker vessel and an equal partaker of the grace of God.

He knows that the wife is his equal in all aspects of a human being. The difference comes in the God given roles.

A husband helps his wife achieve her dreams.

He walks with her and is present in every turn and season.

He takes care of himself for his own sake and that of his family.

He safeguards his wife and offers a covering upon her head.

He keeps a healthy posture spiritually, physically, emotionally and financially.

He is not reckless, he is sober.

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