Sometimes I look at our son doing his daily exploits of toddling and I ask myself whether I also did these stuff he is doing.
I mean, the little champ is all over the place, oblivious of the dangers tied to the not so carefully thought moves around the house.

He wants to touch everything, play with everything and do anything.
He does not comprehend the consequences of his actions and moves. He does not understand. He is just a BOY I tell myself, but again, he is our SON and we have to help him grow.

There is a big difference between a boy and a son. If you are a Christian like me, I know this will not be hard to break down. If you aren’t, stay with me.

In the Jewish culture, a boychild was circumcised just 8 days after birth and his foreskin buried. It was an instruction from the Lord. After this, the boy would grow in stature and the father would teach him the way of men. He was taught the values pertaining to marriage, family, work and good stewardship.
Most of this was through observation and mantalk. In short, his father taught him to be like him.
The boy would not only be guided by the father but his uncles and father’s friends.
He grew up to be a total man.

He was taught how to tend to his father’s camels, goats, donkeys and vineyards.
His father watched him closely and helped him through the turns of life, apprenticeship.

Now, when he saw that the boy is of age in terms of wisdom and understanding, he would plan for a spectacular occasion.
This occasion was to be attended by the whole community.
He would then acknowledge his son before the multitude and proclaim loudly that his boy has come of age and is now a son! This was the appointed time of transition.
This marked a fundamental transformation of the boychild.

He would now be entrusted his father’s estates.

He could now sit in the company of elders and have a voice.

He was also ready for courtship and marriage.
He was ready to face the world all by himself.

Jesus Christ went through the same path.
The ultimate spectacle was when He was baptized (Matt 3).
His father, YAHWEH, presented Him to the world. A congregation was laid before Him and He (God) acknowledged Jesus Christ before them and said ‘This is my beloved son, whom I am well pleased with’.
This signified and marked the beginning of His three years ministry here on earth.

He was now ready to fulfill His Father’s mission.

He had been proven and tested.

The journey of a boychild to a son is not an easy one – first to him and for the father.

It requires endurance and perseverance.

Its signature is training. Pure training.

Not all make it into sonship.
Some refuse to grow and their fathers are cautious about ‘coronating’ them to sons.

Here are some differences between a boy and a son:
A boy cries over everything and has excuses for all his failures. In the contrary, a son is a master of himself even at his lowest and weakest point.

A boy is careless and never settles for anything. He is amorphous and always chasing after illusions. A son is focused, has his own philosophy and is enslaved to his purpose as a man.

A boy can not be entrusted to oversee the affairs of his father’s estates (read wealth). A son is put as an administrator over his father’s properties.

A boy is destroyed by the very thing that is meant to build and help him. A son makes the best use of every resource he has.
Should I continue…….?

It’s easy to be a boy but it’s hard to be a son.
If you are reading this, have you passed the test?
Can your father entrust you with his household?

Can you be entrusted with money, wealth, leadership, influence, popularity, mentorship, a wife, family?
Will it make or break you?
Will you squander the gift or treasure and protect it?

Can you be entrusted with YOURSELF?
This is where we begin the journey of the four dimensions of a man.

Stay with me in this series.

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