I am my father’s son.

This is a very simple statement but it is weighty.
I am a son to my father. I bear his name, his blood is in my veins, his way of life is in me and I believe in one way or another, he has tried to live through my life. Hope I didn’t lose you on that.

I have come across men called Mr. Someone Arap or Ole or Bin Someone. I am made to understand that it means ‘son of’. This has much to do with the lineage, family tree and belonging.
The prodigal son, after squandering all he had in inheritance, came back to himself and decided that he will go back to his father’s house and be a servant. Funny enough, the father welcomed his as a son and not a servant (Luke 15:11-32). Here we see two aspects of sonship; a son will never retire being one and he is a heir of his father’s blessings.

It’s worth noting that there are two aspects of sonship; one being physical and the other spiritual. The physical one is easy to decipher. The spiritual one is easier. Elisha called Elijah ‘my father’ when he was taken by the chariots of fire though he was not the biological father (2 Kings 2:12). We, also, have received the Spirit of adoption and we call Yahweh, our heavenly father, Abba Father (Romans 8:15).
We are conjoined heirs of the kingdom of God together with Chirst Jesus. Can I hear an Amen!!

Now, as a son, here are some few nuggets:

  1. A son gets his identity from the father.

A man’s identity, the way he interacts with the world within and around him, is shaped by his RELATIONSHIP with his father. This is why I encourage men to have a healthy relationship with our fathers while they are still alive.

Regardless of whether he abandoned you while you were still a child, never bothered about your education or didn’t give you the life that you wanted, he is still your father. You will never have any other dad. No one else can take the place of a father.
Some may play the role but it never goes beyond playing the role.

It is important to stay close to your father so that you can learn the ways of a man. He might not be book smart but he is life-smart.
Some of us draw our inspiration from our dads. Some of us learn how to be a better man than he is.

In the same way, our heavenly Father calls us His own. We are in the image of God and we exemplify His identity.

For us to be good sons, we must be teachable. We must learn the pitfalls of a man and avoid them. We need to accept the fact that we don’t know it all and someone needs to guide us.

We are what we are today because of our past. There’s a need to know where you came from because this shapes your identity. When you have a thorough knowledge of where you stand, how you got here, only then can you make the right move forward.

  1. A son honors the father.

When a boy transits to a son, he becomes a master of his own ways and decisions. He is free to forge a new direction in life as long as he is deeply convinced and is right. This should not make one forget that he is a son.

Honoring your father is at the heart of every man.

Remember what we said; a boy obeys his father but a son honors him.

When the obedience phase in life fades, it ushers in a lifetime of honor. We honor our fathers by holding them with high regard.
Now that we are strong and energetic, we don’t despise their weakness.
We cover them.
We become the protectors of our homes.

You are still the ‘arrow in his quiver’. You are the one to speak and stop the enemies at the gates. Don’t tell me that the old man deserves nothing from you. He is your father. Honor him by leading life worthy of what he taught you.

Visit him, call him and let him know you appreciate every effort he made for you. Have fun with him. Play games with him. You don’t have any other daddy.
Honor him by being responsible.
Make him proud.
In the same vein, we honor our Heavenly Father.

  1. A son learns dependence and understands himself through the eyes of the father. Yeah, I said it right, dependence.

In as much as every man is independent, he needs a support system. A father is at the heart man’s support system. He may not fulfill all the requisite anchors but he has a role to play. A man who does not have a connection with his dad because of some flimsy reasons may as well not he able to connect well with his son.

Our relationship with our father’s should mirror that of our sons; one full of love, gusto and good intentions.

  1. A son protects his father’s legacy.

This he does through good stewardship and sound management. A son has a settled temperament which is able to handle and manage the resources of his father whether in terms of wealth or human resource. He is a manager of himself first and those around him.

He has a mature ego.

He safeguards his father’s interest because he bears his name and it is the right thing to do.
In so doing, his father rests in old age and has peace within. Such a son makes his father proud (‘that’s my boy’ and feeling).

As spiritual sons too, we represent God’s interests here on earth.

  1. Last but not least, a son must decide to grow up.

It is heartbreaking and unacceptable for a son to eat from his father’s table all his life.

A man must toil and eat from his own labour. He can’t be knocking every other day at his father’s gate for upkeep and support. I do know that sometimes life gets hard and the waves toss a man from one end to another. I have been there and my dad came to my rescue. But I can’t imagine going to him every time for support. He will be frustrated. I have to grow up.

A father takes pride in a son who has mustered his energy for a greater mission, and it bears fruit. You may fumble once, but learn. You might try one thing and fail but in another trial, you succeed.
That’s the way of a man.

When a son grows up, he adds wealth to his father’s vast estates. He brings more to the table. He gives bread not only to his family but to the destitute and unfortunate in the society. He is full of wisdom and understanding.

That’s the way of a son. Are you one?

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