Now, I know some families take away meals forever and it’s okay if that works for you – though it would be prudent dear wife, if you could prepare your meals for your family.
There is power in preparing a meal for your husband and serving him.
There is power in serving him his favorite food.
There’s is power in serving your family, your meals, at the family table.
A meal, is not just a meal at home.
Food is not just food when presented to your husband or your family.
You see, long time ago, if you are like me, meals were served and everyone could sit at the FAMILY TABLE TO EAT.
The table wasn’t just a dining table, a pretty dining table. It meant more than just having the chaffing dishes go round while everyone picked there favorite part of the cooked chicken.
It meant family time…Quality family time at that.
Fast forward to these current time(s). In a generation of “quick-fix “, “microwave” products, many wives have abdicated their duties to Tuskys, Nakumatt, Ukwala and Tumaini, KFC, Java, Teriyaki, and such like! The Supermarkets’ cook, you take away.
I know we are busy women and men! Career has taken the first place, then family is second.
But remember, preparing a meal for your family is bigger than you think.
it’s sad how careers are defining us more than our interpersonal relationships with our spouses, our children and our relationship with God.
Nowadays, normal house chores, are really problematic!

Well, just to have a disclaimer, I have no problem with your long nails my sister.
Mine “refused” to grow, and so am one of those ladies who has to get all the nail technology has to offer, but, it cannot surpass preparing a meal for my husband and serving him. I refuse my nails taking the first place.
I have no issues with your 3 inch red nails, but when you sit down and let someone else serve your man, then I have an issue.
Serving? Sad, how you hear some married women talking! “Me, cook for him? After getting home at 9 pm? And he was there the whole day? How?”

Because whether you like it or not, or you grew up in royal palace, preparing a meal to your husband isn’t slavery.
It is an act of love. 
Some are so negative about their husbands, I wonder, “Is he really your husband, or some strange man living with you?’

You can’t lift a serving spoon? To serve your hubby a meal? Is lifting the serving spoon too hectic?

 Of course there are exceptional factors. You could be sick, or heavily pregnant, but when whole and okay… Serving him shouldn’t be that hard!
You want him to buy you flowers, pull a chair for you, open the door for you, praise you forever, treat you with chocolate and grapes in a high end hotel but you cannot use your feminine God given gift.
A gift of treating him like a king? Your charm? Simply that!

Love gives more than it expects!  Do your part.

Ladies, what really happened to us? Call me traditional, anachronistic, and subservient, it really doesn’t bug me.
Marriage is a covenant and it carries all the seriousness it deserves!
A meal is as sacred as anything else you do in your marriage.
Serving your husband should come as automatically as showering after a long day! Having a family meal is sacred and God honors that.

We happened to be at Safari walk, and honestly, as parents we are failing, bid time.
The whole family has phablets and phones, from a 5 year old, the pre-teen, the teenager, the mother, the father – all trudging along while each of them is busy looking at their phones (at safari walk!!), at the expense of the family moments!

Then we go saying how kids nowadays are unruly. Who spoilt them?
Isn’t our work as parents clearly cut out in the word? Of disciplining, instructing and training?
But do we discipline our kids?
Do we teach them the importance of sitting down together and to first fellowship, pray and eat?
Not eating in the bedroom, while another one is eating while scrolling the phone.
The children grow up not learning how to value to interpersonal relationships.
They grow up with a “fault”, the society expecting them to sustain relationships , yet that cannot!
A 3 year old cannot sit in church, or Sunday school since we have not taught them the importance of God in our life.
[That’s a topic of another day! AND NO, THEY ARE NOT TOO SMALL FOR SUNDAY SCHOOL.]

Let me show you how important a meal is;

  • With a meal, Jacob took Esau’s birthright since he did despise it. He sold it for a plate of red lentils.
  • With a meal, Rebekah got Jacob to take all his brother’s blessings from their father Jacob, through their mother’s chicanery.
  • With a meal, Abraham welcomed the angels who prophesied of their son’s birth to him and Sarah.
  • After a meal, Elijah performed a miracle to the Shunammite woman, and they were saved from the drought that was so bad that people ate doves pop!
  • It was a meal, that got King Xerxes to Esther’s court and she was able to save all the Jews from being executed by Haman.
  • Jesus shared a meal with his disciples. It was over a meal that Jesus prophesied of his betrayal and subsequent crucifixion.
All those are in the Bible and many more examples that I might not have mentioned.
Preparing a meal for your husband or family is more than just feeding them with Ugali, Nyama, Sukumawiki and such like.
Meals have a way to make everything better. Meals have a way of uniting a family.
  1. Of course it is healthy than doing the take away KFC chips! Truthfully speaking, if you keep feeding junk, junk will catch up with you later in life.

A healthy lifestyle = A healthy mind = A healthy marriage.

     2. As you cook or prepare a meal together, you bond with each other. You talk about his day, your day.
You resolve conflicts or some misunderstanding that could have been there previously.

3. I don’t want to say that it is a woman’s place to be in the kitchen, but it is an intrinsic role.

A nurturing role that God gave unto us but we have really abdicated those duties since we are “more modern!” Please…modern or not, try making meal for your husband and children.
Most women are so good in complaining about their husbands yet they show no interest in pleasing their husbands!
He only needs a warm plate of food, served with a cheerful and loving heart, willingly, with a happy face! No grumpy face Mrs.!
Those little things go a long way into building your marriage.

4. Queen Esther’s meal was the ice breaker in her conversation with her husband the king.
He listened after having eaten and was full. He listened! Hope you got that!

A meal helps one to communicate. It has an impact on our taste, sight, and more so, on a one on one talk. It promotes listening.
Meals eaten together provides a place for children to see how their parents treat each other, interact, cooperate, negotiate, express issues and how they solve problems.

5. Meals unite.
When I was at home, we used to sit at the table together, pray, then eat the food that was served on the table.
It united us. We talked over the meal.

We relayed issues at the family table, dad advised us, and make us laugh too.
We saw how he treated mam with respect and love. I saw my mam serve him with awe and admiration.
We admired their relationship and he prayed over us, laying hands on us, that we would have stable families.
We corrected each other and built each other round the family table.
Not that we couldn’t be advised anywhere else, but the environment was more than conducive to relay any information.

We felt secure and safe.

  1. It was at the family table where I observed my dad and mam interact and how they talked especially to each other. Children pick lessons from the family table. How mam and dad interact, shapes a child’s outlook regarding adult interaction.
They pick habits that are acceptable like, chewing with the mouth closed, not talking before swallowing, using cutlery. It shapes a child’s growth.
There is more than just eating.
  1. To us, my husband and I, meals, have a significance. To us, sharing a meal includes sharing our life together. When we have an issue, we try sort it out first before having a meal together. Of course marriages are different but we cannot eat before sorting an issue. My hubby says it’s not worth it, sharing a meal with a heavy heart towards each other.

So please next time you are cooking for your family or your husband, know it’s much more than serving a plate of Ugali, Githeri, or Ingoho for him. There is power in a meal!
If you haven’t began doing that, start today. Pray for grace to teach and instruct your children at the family table. If you are preparing to get married, that should be part of your daily creed to come. Begin praying for God to grant you the grace to be a home-maker. Not just a lady with a pretty face sitting down watching a series over pop-corn and soda!

We are John and Mary Munene and we love the Lord! Christ is our all in all! All we are is by God’s grace. Apart from having our individual careers, we are ardent bloggers, authors and misters of God's word. We have been blessed with two amazing children. A beautiful daughter and a handsome son. We love adventure, anything with lots of adrenaline is always a ‘go-thing’ for us! A cup of coffee next to a fireplace and a good book always does good to our souls! Hope you enjoy this blog!

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We are John and Mary Munene and we…