The husband is the vision bearer of the home.
He must carry it with unwavering dedication.

A vision is an ideal or a set goal(s) carefully thought out and penned down in a sequential chronological manner in order to achieve the desired end state.

The vision directs.
It puts every action into the right perspective.
It creates synergy.
It is a lighthouse that aids in navigating through life’s waters.

When the man finds his purpose, his vision goes beyond him as a person!

He realises that the world does not revolve around him and that there’s more to life than just eating, drinking and having fun.
He no longer lives for himself but for God, his family, relatives and humanity.

His vision is precise and achievable.
Something that can make him stay awake the whole night but at the same time give him satisfaction with every milestone achieved.

God knew that the man can’t handle a vision alone. It can break him. It can disintegrate him into a robot and fail to see the beauty that life has to offer.
That’s why He brought in the suitable helper, the WIFE.

She is the EXTENSION of God’s GRACE to you.
She comes to help you carry on with the God given vision.
She comes FULLY LOADED with all the INTEROPERABILITY modules and functions!

All you need to do is to induce your vision in her goodness. There’s no better way of doing this than COMMUNICATION!

This I don’t mean that you seat your wife down and tell her your vision statement like you are in a lecture presentation. No.
It’s about spending time with her.
This is nurtured during courtship though this is just the beginning.

It goes a notch higher in marriage.
Spending more and more intentional quality and fruitful time just talking about anything and everything that pertains to your lives is a good start.
It’s about setting aside time for each other, talking over the phone while you are away and chatting the night away when you are not around. Sometimes it involves pressing the mute button of the noises around you so that you can concentrate on building your home.
It’s a painstaking process that needs your undivided attention my brother.

This is how a vision is induced and trust me when she catches the fire, she will run with it as if it was originally her idea.

It will save you the trouble of feeling like you are doing it alone.

It will prevent stagnation from knocking your door since two can’t walk together unless they agree.

Instead of each spouse pulling from either sides, you will work together from a unified premise.
It will save you loads of energy, time, opportunities and precious resources.
Well, it might save your MARRIAGE too.

It takes WISDOM and SUBMISSION to acknowledge that your wife also had a vision for herself too.

I believe that her vision wasn’t just to be married to you and change her last name.
Again, spending INTENTIONAL time with her, listening to her as she narrates how her day was, what she would love to do or to be is a worthy course.
I know they talk a lot but heeey, that’s just how they were marvellously created. Listen in between the lines. Be attentive to her needs. Both spoken and unspoken. Be truly concerned.

Think of ways that you can fashion to embed her vision into yours and create the GRAND VISION for your marriage, family and beyond.
Through selfless giving and unconditional submission to one another, you two (though one) can achieve anything.

Your goals and aspirations should not suffocate her dreams and her vision because this will be counterproductive to the grand vision. It’s human to think of your own self but it is divine to think of your spouse’s needs too.

Having your own vision is good but having both of your visions is phenomenal!
As you rise to greater heights, soar TOGETHER!

The grand vision might take a different route or a slower pace but the grand idea is to get there safely, TOGETHER!

Two are better than one for when it’s cold, they will keep warm. Moreso, they will have greater return for their labour.

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