In the Old testament, covenants were made to God by blood sacrifices. A sacrifice involved selecting an unblemished lamb, goat, or dove and sacrificing it on the altar of the Lord. The sweet aroma went up to the heavens and the sacrifice was accepted as holy due to the pureness of the sacrifices given.
Due to the fallen nature of man, none of the blood sacrifices would suffice to redeem us to God. So the Father sent down His Begotten Son, as Jesus Christ to redeem us back to Him. Christ became sin, took the yoke of death, and died, to covenant us back to the Father. His blood was the ultimate sacrifice. A covenant made to atone for our sins.
We were covenanted to Him, by the sacrifice that Jesus made.
A covenant relationship therefore, has to involve a sacrifice, and not just any sacrifice, a blood sacrifice that involves denial of self, and death.
The reason why the Lord is so keen and calls us to obedience on keeping our chastity till marriage, is the same reason why the devil works so hard for all of us to go on sexual rampage. It would be his joy if we pursued debauchery with zeal.
The first sexual encounter involves a blood covenant– breaking of the hymen. When you sleep with someone, you become covenanted to them. The Bible says that if you sleep with a prostitute, you become one with her. 1 Corinthians 6:16 says, or do you not see that he who is joined to a loose woman is one body with her? for God has said, the two of them will become one flesh.
Your spirits commingle. A sexual encounter is more than just having a place to release off wild passions, but is a covenant encounter.
It is therefore important to keep your purity till marriage – for both the men and the women. Both imprint a sexual encounter, what is spiritually known as a soul-tie. Then the Lord goes further and says, “till death does you part.” A marriage covenant, in severed by the death of your spouse.
So, if those are the parameters that a marriage carries, then why shouldn’t we proceed with caution, especially in the season of singleness?
Love the Lord thy God with all of your heart…is probably the best rule for anyone in the season of singleness. Sounds like a boring platitude recited to you by them who “do not get your chemistry.” Right? After all, you both get each other.
I can confidently place a bet that once the euphoria dies down quick, and you did not covenant to God first, you might as well carry lots of packed snacks. The journey will be a hard one by your own strength.
Every Christian single is covenanted to God first. Let’s not get jaded. He is the first love before any other person. Its highly anemic to talk about the covenant of marriage and not talk about the covenant relationship with Christ in the season of singleness.
Singleness and marriage, are both sacred seasons. Both highly regarded by Christ. One cannot exist without invalidating the other one. Both have a purpose, both have their outcomes, both need to be celebrated with clarity. Both present unique opportunities to grow and to be sanctified. Both seasons have covenants, and both depend on your response towards each season.
You are covenanted to God first before covenanting to your spouse. WE are the Lord’s before we are theirs. The Bible says that the singles are better off because they are concerned about the things of the Lord since they have no marriage trouble (1st Corinthians 7:34).

Of course marriage is a wonderful covenant relationship, but singleness gives you a far reaching opportunity to serve the Lord without distractions. If you are married you will have a relationship to guard, to pray for, to look out for, kids to take care of and a whole myriad of things. The covenant of singleness gives you a perfect time to undividedly serve the Lord and celebrate each day drawing closer to Him in His goodness.
Paul was single. Not that he was not man enough to marry, but he chose to stay celibate in the covenant relationship of singleness with Christ, to serve the Lord without ‘limitations.’
Does it mean that I am encouraging singleness? Yes, I am! Singleness is not an inferior state of affairs. It is a pure covenant from the Father of lights. If the Lord gifts you the gift of singleness, relish in it and serve Him wholeheartedly. God can use that season to preach to the fallen world that the Lord is able to sustain one. If you desire marriage, it’s not a sin too. However, I caution all singles on making a god out of marriage. Marriage on earth is just but temporal, a shadow of what is real and what is to come.
If you are highly driven by “wanting to be married” that you forget to till and cultivate intimacy which Christ, then it’s a pathology. It’s an ailment that needs urgent cure, otherwise it breed out little hatchlings of discontentment. Discontentment breeds rush. Rush fuels decisions that are irrational and unstable. Marriage is certainly not a realm to move into because you feel “shortchanged by life.”
Marriage is really not for personal fulfillment –though it comes, but it is highly sacrificial. Not what dating is portrayed to be now, a crass way of self- mechanizing. Marriage is by and large for sanctification.
Your relationship with Christ should be deep, for singleness is a symbol of God’s power to grow the church though the conviction of the Holy Spirit. You should experience that covenant relationship with Christ that when time comes for marriage, then you will give nothing short of the intimacy you have felt through experiencing Christ’s love.
He should remain the Alpha. His seat should not be replaced your spouse, and definitely not marriage. He alone should be worshiped, because no marriage, nor a spouse is a counter measure for self.
Marriage is not a panacea for egocentricity or selfishness, only Christ’s love, only the Gospel is, and it begins with covenanting your singleness to Him.
Singleness is therefore a covenant relationship. We are His before we are our spouses. You are not defined by your marital status, but by your redemptive status. Have you made a covenant relationship with Christ? Is he your Lord, the Lord over all? Would you confidently say, “i will celebrate this season, make the best out of it, not my will but His alone…”
Love the Lord thy God with all your heart…
Singleness in Christ…

We are John and Mary Munene and we love the Lord! Christ is our all in all! All we are is by God’s grace. Apart from having our individual careers, we are ardent bloggers, authors and misters of God's word. We have been blessed with two amazing children. A beautiful daughter and a handsome son. We love adventure, anything with lots of adrenaline is always a ‘go-thing’ for us! A cup of coffee next to a fireplace and a good book always does good to our souls! Hope you enjoy this blog!

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We are John and Mary Munene and we…