In Part one of this series, I talked about the SEATED man building up his character. This is very important because character is what sustains your position of dominion.

Like fine gold, you will have to go through the fire in order to bring out an authentic, unblemished and mature man. When character is guarded, there’s hope for the man. There’s hope for humanity.

When I look in the Old Testament, kings were not just installed (though there is one or a few cases) – they were anointed but made in battle. Kings knew how to fight and for those who didn’t, they were taught!

Kings were men of war. They were tested and proven in battle. The same applies to the modern day man.

If you want to be a king, if you desire to rule and have dominion, you must be ready to be sharpened.

After God is done with your character, He consequently establishes your dominion.

When you’ve been faithful with little, He adds to you more. When you are able to handle yourself through the seasons of life, being able to guard your heart, fervent in prayer, consistent in doing what is right, having self control and the likes, God will entrust you with more – maybe a family, a promotion, an appointment, more wealth et cetera. The parable of the minas in Matthew 25:14-30 is an eye opener to those who want God to expand their territories.

There will be Eliabs’ (1Samuel 17:28) who will see you as the little brother they have always known. They will disapprove your growth and progress – always seeing you in diapers. They will tell you that you are not fit and you need some growing up to do. They will try to send you back to shepherd the sheep. Some can’t stand the Goliaths’ in their lives but they don’t want you to confront yours. Why listen to them?

The rise of the King is not an easy journey. It is filled with opposition and one has no option but to swim against the current.

There will be people in authority who will be afraid of your rise. They can’t stand you as a king. They will try to fight you. Ignore them anyway. Stay focused and keep up the tempo.

There will be friends who know you at face value. They think you are good for nothing and you can’t do much. Prove them otherwise while Seated!

Sometimes fear will creep in, telling you that you can’t make a good husband and father because many have tried and failed miserably. Starve it with positive vibes.

Funny enough, the difference between a great man and a miserable one is Choice. Choice is birthed from a decision. Decision is based on an informed premise. You can make the right choice if you so desire to.

A king is a gentleman. He treats his queen with grace and love. He is kind and compassionate. He respects her and listens intimately. He does good to the less privileged in the society.

A king has foresight. Planning ahead and making preparations for the future. Anticipation of future tasks and events of life is at the heart of a king. Nothing catches him by surprise.

A king protects those under his rule. He fortifies his kingdom and puts sentries to watch over, far beyond the gates. He safeguards those he love. He fights for them, always at the forefront during times of war.

A king is just. Doing what is right in the face of God and men.

A king brings out the best in those under him. David’s first army of 400 men was comprised of the distressed, in debt and bitter in soul. He made then a mighty army that did exploits!There’s no excuse to getting the best out of your situation. Put God in it and a little effort! Start where you are and make a change.

Last but not least, the king is always under authority. Only then can he carry himself with decorum and sobriety. A man under the authority of God is a wise king. The Lord molds his heart according to His will and purpose.

He prospers.

So go ahead and be Seated, for thou at King!


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