In Part 1 and Part 2 of this series, I talked about The Build-Up and The King. The Lord helped us to understand the importance of character in a man’s life as well as how it sustains him in his place of dominion and authority.

Moving on, I cannot fail to mention that the Lord requires us to be the priests and prophets of our homes. As a husband and a father, these two attributes are inherent, ready to manifest when activated!

A priest presents/mediates people to God while a prophet presents God to the people.

It is imperative for us to understand this noble duty in line with God’s Word so that we don’t abuse it. I have seen men misinterpreting this biblical truth and end up making the wife feel inferior or subordinate in matters to do with faith and biblical doctrine. This not only curtail God’s purpose for your life but also chokes the gifting that God has put in your wife for His Glory.

We are to work hand in hand with our wives for we are one.
We must understand that the woman is an equal heir of the grace of life – 1 Peter 3:7. How I treat my is so crucial that it is a prerequisite for my prayers not being hindered!
Nuff of that for now.

A priest prepares and offers sacrifices on behalf of those he has authority over.

Like I had said earlier in one of my devotions for men, in Job 1:5, Job offered sacrifices and repented on behalf of his seven sons and three daughters! This was after the sons had gone on a feasting spree in their cribs and inviting their sisters to party. He would sanctify them and offer burnt offerings for each one them, pleading to God on their behalf just incase they sinned and cursed God in their merry making!

He was their father and their priest!
His wealth didn’t obscure him from seeing the need for God.
His untainted reputation did not deter him from accessing the Throne of Grace.
During his time, there was no one like him in the East.

It’s upon us husbands and fathers to raise godly altars for our families.
It is on the family altar that the needs, prayers, requests and thanksgivings are made to God.

When a man wears his priestly robe, he looks at his family, sees the state of his wife and children and then turns his back on them to look unto God, placing every prayer, desire, aspirations, need, thanksgiving and supplication at the Throne of Grace and Mercy. God can’t turn down such a man!

As a prophet of his house, a man’s heart must be inclined to God. Only then can he be able to know which direction to take and where he should steer his family.
He seeks God’s will for his family.

We must strive to be the custodians of faith matters in our homes – teaching biblical truths and revelations to those living under our roofs. It’s a tragedy when we relinquish this role to the street preachers and social media.

Values are born and cultivated in a godly atmosphere of the family.
Charity begins at home and so is chastity, purity, character, values and sound biblical doctrine.

Together with the suitable helper, the wife, the husband is able to be all that God created him to be.

Your wife will help you in your priesthood duties. She will help you in interceding for your family. She will accompany you as you go before the Lord. She will help you unravel the biblical truths that are found in the Word.

You two are a formidable force. Put God in it and you are unstoppable. A cord of three strands can not be easily broken.

In a society where values have been thrown to the dogs, the family unit is the only breeding ground left for a sober generation.
Let’s SEAT at our rightful places and be the change that God wants us to be.

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