Before you become the King, there is the process of becoming. When you start ruling as a king, you realise that there is more to ruling than just command – you also have the irrevocable duty of a priest and a prophet! These God given responsibilities require knowledge, wisdom and understanding to execute. The good news is that God has given us provision and divine enablement to be all He called us to be.

But sometimes we get too comfortable on the throne.
We tend to enjoy the privileges that come with rulership and sometimes they blind us from our primary role.
The seat becomes our comfort zone and we end up abusing the power bestowed upon us.
Subsequently, we treat those who are under us condescendingly (topic for another day).

We become complacent and lazy.
The routine becomes monotonous and we seamlessly do everything without any effort, something like the muscle memory phenomenon.

David got complacent and idle at the same time. The result was adultery with Bathsheba and shedding of innocent blood of her husband.
What happened next is written in 2 Sam 12.

He entertained the thought of sleeping with her. It brooded and a plan was hatched.
The mega plan didn’t work and he was caught up in between a rock and hard place. The fear of the affair being known led him to sin even the more and the results were tragic!

On this one, many have failed. Trying to cover up a sin with another. But there is redemption in God through Christ Jesus!

The devil is constantly looking out for any man who is standing so that he may trap and trip him down. He will use the untamed desires we have of pleasure, getting rich, craving for power and control, and the unquenchable thirst for fine things in life to trap us, choking our purpose in God. Solution; keep the Word of the Lord in our hearts, walk in the Light, guard our hearts and submit to the will of our Heavenly Father.

Many a kings have been brought down by greed, dishonesty and recklessness.
Some have been turned into community beggars by trying to find themselves in the brown bottle and comfort in the bosoms of strange women.

Some have given the inheritance of their children and their children’s children to women who never existed in their lives until there was trouble in paradise.

We have left the SEAT to our feelings, emotions and ego. Our untamed thirsts are sitting pretty and ruling us like a bull that is led by the master by its nose ring.
We are no longer in control.
We have become cities without walls.
Anyone can enter and do whatever they want and leave unceremoniously!

Many of us have turned our backs from the worship of the true God to worshipping idols. Idolatry in the modern society is not about carving a lion like creature with wings and placing it on a spiritual pedestal higher than God. It’s about the things we love to do that deny us worship of the Almighty God.

It could be power, the desire to get wealth, money, freedom, your family, your job, your social status, control, your wife or anything else that takes the place of God in your life.

Another thing that easily ensnares us is being over-confident about ourselves. We think that our experiences have not only made us stronger, but also invincible! We believe we can do without God. We start wondering whether there’s God by entertaining philosophical arguments that infiltrate our hearts, mind and souls. This is a devil’s trap bruh. Tread with caution!

Paul warned us against having so much confidence in the flesh. The flesh doesn’t care whether you are a preacher’s son, a CFO, CEO, pastor, monk, priest, worship leader, comedian, singer, MP, or whatever else you are. Tame it, regardless.

Every day I crucify the flesh by subjecting it to the obedience of God in Christ Jesus. Its not easy and that’s what separates men from boys. May the Lord help us all.

Nowadays, the devil has tricked us to believe that we are Seated when we lost the throne a long time ago. He craftily shaves our seven locks while we are sleeping!
He’s a cunning devil.
He has mastered the art of trapping the man in the daily hustling schedule. The man is always busy, not having time for God or his family. He has become a busy lad who is always out there building a legacy and securing a future for his family. He forgets what he has left behind and when he comes home, there’s nothing left.

A man isn’t just about paying the bills, building a home and leaving material inheritance for his children.
What’s the use of gaining the world and lose your identity, character, faith and family?
We need to wake up to this reality gentlemen.
God created humans and not robots.
Only God can help us.

The Overthrown king needs to remember where he came from, how it all started and when the crown started rust and fall off.

We have a place in God.
We have a Seat to occupy.
We were created for dominion.

Let’s rule with grace, love and in submission to God.

Men, Let us get SEATED at our rightful place in God.


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