Most of us, men, hide behind what we do, our titles and achievements.
We tend to know men by the positions they hold or once held in the society. Sadly, we end up intertwining them with things, defining a man by a role he played and how good or bad it turned out.

Sometimes it’s hard to separate a man from what he does, and this, regrettably, gives us a shallow view of the real man behind the veil.

Due to this fallacious judgement, many of us are eternally caught up in a spiral spin trying to measure up to some certain standards previously set.

We continually end up in contests, trying to outdo each other.

Have you ever found yourself racing with a stranger on the highway just to prove to him that your car is superior? It baffles me how a man can surprisingly find himself in a racing contest with a stranger, with no rules, no finish line or a prize to be won! Totally perplexing.

Such silent and others salient battles of supremacy make us emotionally enslaved to the need of leveling up or superseding the successes of the other man or your next door neighbor.

We tend to keep scores and use them to gauge our progress. When we succeed, we walk like the frigate-birds during the mating season. When things don’t go well, our world crumbles on our faces.

The definition of who you are is not determined by what you are going through, the depths you have sunken or the heights you have scaled.

Like a baobab tree in different seasons, your true nature remains steadfast.

Run your own race of self improvement. Put your own yardstick. Measure your progress based on where you are and who you want to become.

Competition has winners and losers. A loser with an immature ego will become unproductive in the next endeavor. Winning is temporal.

There will always be someone faster, more successful and better looking than you Mr.

Run in your own lane.

Make yourself greater again by focusing on you rather than on what is depicted by the outside.

Build inner fortitude.

Grow you.

Improve you.

Be you.



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